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5 Essential Tips for Moving Fragile Furniture Interstate

5 Essential Tips for Moving Fragile Furniture Interstate

Do you want to move your furniture interstate? Moving fragile furniture can be tricky. You can easily get caught up in the moving process, but remember, your fragile items need some extra care. Your mirrors, canvas art, framed and unframed art, family photos, nostalgic items, porcelain, glass items, and other fragile items are difficult to move. You can make your interstate move easy with some tips and tricks discussed here.

1.Packing Safely

Packing Safely

Safety should be your priority when conducting an interstate move. The last thing you want is somebody getting injured or your expensive furniture getting damaged.

Some of the tips for packing are:

  • Dismantle part of the furniture that you can and label them.
  • Stack your furniture in a way that the load is distributed evenly in the vehicle.
  • Tie the furniture with a rope to secure your possession.
  • Buy proper packing equipment.
  • Be gentle with your fragile belongings as you don’t want to break them.

2.Hire Interstate Moving Professionals

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You should contact a professional moving company to start your move. They can give you the best service and advice on how to move your fragile furniture to the new place. You can also choose from the range of services that they have to offer for an easier interstate move.

Things you need to move your furniture interstate are:

  • Get moving estimates from interstate removal companies. You can use this free moving cost calculator to get an estimate of your move.
  • Decide whether you want to pack furniture on your own or hire a professional company.
  • Get good quality packing materials from them to keep your furniture secured.
  • Choose the best transportation method for your interstate move.
  • Buy moving insurance for an extra layer of protection.

3.Selecting the Best Transport Method for Your Fragile Items

Selecting the Best Transport Method for Your Fragile Items
There are many transportation methods for interstate furniture removal. You can select from trains, trucks, trailers to load your belongings. Things you need to consider when choosing the vehicle are: distance, volume and budget.

Some of the transportation choices that are available for an interstate move are:

  • Air transport: This is the most expensive option but also the most efficient and fastest.
  • Road transport: You don’t need to load and unload your items several times when you choose this option.
  • Train Transport: Moving by train can be a great option when you have a large piece of furniture that won’t fit the plane or truck.
  • Car Transport: Moving by your car can be affordable based on the distance you have to cover but it may be the most stressful and exhausting option.

4.Mistakes to Avoid

People usually make the following mistakes when going for a cheaper way to move furniture. Practically, moving furniture on your own doesn’t come that cheap as it includes taking leave from work, finding a place to stay, and paying for fuel. Also, it doesn’t mean that your belongings are insured. So, you will have to pay for the damage caused during the move.

Some of the ways to avoid these mistakes are:

  • Choose from well reputed and professional interstate removalists.
  • Go with the best transportation option rather than the cheapest one.
  • Ask for an accurate quote so you can make the budget accordingly.
  • Plan everything in advance to stay away from the last minute expenses.

5.Exclusive Tips for your Fragile Furniture

Exclusive Tips for your Fragile Furniture
a)Artwork, framed prints, and mirrors

  • Look for heavy-duty and large boxes that can hold the fragile pieces. If you have the original boxes then go for them. You can also buy telescope boxes to pack mirrors, art, and other rectangular objects.
  • You can wrap the mirrors and art in ‘Glassine’ rather than typical plastic wrap. Glassine is resistant to air and water and protects your item.
  • After securing it with the Glassine layer use bubble wrap and packing tape to secure it. You can wrap it twice for more protection.
  • The corners of framed art and mirrors are vulnerable parts. It’s important to surround them with corner protector like Styrofoam Corner protections.
  • Keep your artwork in an upright position rather than laying it in the moving vehicle.
  • Place the artwork strategically in the moving truck where it won’t be damaged by the heavy furniture.


It’s important to handle and move these items with care.

  • Make a note of your inventory and check if the antiques are covered with your home insurance policy. If not, then purchase insurance from your removalist company.
  • Collect your supplies like packing tape, bubble wrap, crate, moving blankets and a toolset.
  • Disassemble your furniture before lifting it then wrap the antiques in bubble wrap and secure it with tape.
  • Wrap the furniture with bubble wrap and moving blankets. Place them in a wooden crate. These crates can be custom made.
  • Get extra sets of hand to help you when loading and unloading these items. The last thing you want is to break or drop the antique when loading the items in the truck.

Getting your fragile furniture to a new place is not always easy. It’s important to plan everything in advance. Keeping these tips in mind will help you keep your valuable furniture safe.

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