Home Improvement Ideas

When improving our homes, we need to pay attention to the smaller details to round off our interior design. Home improvements change our mindset and how we feel about our homes, and they don’t have to be expensive. We have consulted interior design experts to bring you the perfect home improvement ideas, and here is what we learnt: 


For updating your bathroom, the interior experts recommended updating your cabinet hardware and lighting. These small elements can be so striking in a bathroom, not to mention cost effective, time saving, and quick. For the ultimate bathroom makeover and update, look no further than a Smart and digital shower. Here are the benefits:

  • Personal shower profile for each member of the family 
  • Safety features 
  • Voice control 
  • Water saving 

For a great example, Aqualisa have been at the forefront of shower tech for a long time and have a great range of smart and digital showers here.

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The interior experts say that improving your kitchen in a cost effective way starts with changing your cabinet hardware. Simple changes can improve the functionality of your kitchen, enhancing the durability of your cupboards, and improving the usability, not to mention the improved design and overall appearance. You don’t have to match your cabinet hardware with many interior designers choosing different cabinet hardware for the under counter cabinets than the countertop cabinets. 

Dining Room

Your dining room is all about the lighting features. If you are fortunate enough to have a separate dining space, you can style this with a statement table and chair set, featuring a large ceiling light in the centre of your room creates a focal point, as well as building an aesthetically pleasing environment to dine in, setting the tone for the rest of your home and introducing a pleasant dining experience for your guests. 


An office space is very personal so it’s important to introduce elements of your own personality and character here. If you are a fan of a particular colour or style, research this and see what has been done online. Our interior design experts recommend the darker tones and natural materials such as wood and metal here, but anything goes in your office space and really if you love the space you’re in, your work productivity rate will increase. Top tip.. Introduce additional seating for extra comfort.

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