Guide To Oversized Beds!

For some people, Oversized Beds may seem unnecessary, but if you take a close look at them, it actually has its advantages.

At a glance, people use these big mattresses to accommodate their families or fur babies. And for some, they would opt for big beds because they’re extremely tall. 

For you to know which big bed is for you, you would need to ask yourself first how do you plan on using it. Some factors could be the number of people in your family, the number of pets you have, or how tall the people who are going to be using the bed. 

One more important thing to consider is the space you have. Measure your space and from that, you will know which oversized bed fits your room. 

Pro Tip: Make sure to measure the space where your nightstands will sit when measuring the area where you’ll place your bed.

If you still can’t decide (or if you just want to know more), then we’re absolutely here to help you. Below you can find our quick guide to oversized beds.

California King Bed 

Size: 72″ x 84″ | Recommended Room Dimensions: 12′ x 12′ 

California King Bed is an oversized bed that’s somehow close to the common King size. It can fit two and a kid or a baby. It could also be best for a couple who just wants to have an extra space in their small room. 

It is made with a leather headboard and solid rubberwood. It also comes in a dark brown color and has a reversible twin trundle. 

Good To know: If you think you need more extra sleeping space, then you can pull out the reversible twin trundle for an extra bed!

Texas King Bed 

Size: 80” x 98” | Recommended Room Dimensions: 12′ x 14′

‘Long’ is the best word to describe a Texas King Bed. This mattress certainly suits taller people and also people who like to share beds with their pets. This mattress is not as wide as the other big beds, but it’s especially long.  

Made with premium New Zealand pine and coming in dark brown color giving it an ancient appeal—A Texas King Bed is definitely one of the best choices for an oversized bed. 

Good To Know: This bed has a unique split headboard that is specifically designed for two people to enjoy movies. 

Wyoming King Bed 

Size: 84″ x 84″ | Recommended Room Dimensions: 12′ x 12′

The Wyoming King Bed sits between the huge Alaska King Bed and the smaller California King Bed. Two adults and two children can fit (and even pets) on this massive mattress. If you like sleeping with your family members, then this could be a great option. 

There are 2 inches of cooling gel memory foam on top of this oversized mattress. On top of that, there’s also another 2 inches of temperature-neutral Talalay latex. And an organic cotton cover surrounds these two layers for the best comfort.

Good To know: These layers all work together to help regulate your body temperature, enabling you to sleep cooler, and more comfortably.

Oversized Beds 2

Alaskan King Bed

Size: 108″ x 108″ | Recommended Room Dimensions: 14′ x 14′

An Alaskan King Bed has a square shape and is made to fit all families. Hailed as the longest oversized mattress, it’s certainly perfect for your big family. (And tall people!)

This mattress is known to use an eight-step finishing process to make sure that you get a quality bed that looks amazing as well. And yup, it is also named after Alaska, which is the largest state in America. 

Good To Know: It comes with two benches which are definitely perfect for getting ready in the morning. 

Family Bed XL

Size: 144″ x 84″ | Recommended Room Dimensions: 17′ x 12′

The last entry is not your ordinary bed. It is actually the biggest size on the market as of writing. The Family Bed XL has the size of 2 California King Beds and can accommodate at least 5 people!

It also has a size-step finishing process and a split headboard design. This mattress proudly uses luxurious materials for the perfect sleeping comfort. With that being said, this bed is best for the perfect movie marathon evening with your family, pets, or friends. 

Good To Know: This mattress also includes cooling gels and supportive memory foam to allow maximum comfort when being used.


Overall, if you have a big family or are very tall, then investing in an oversized bed could be a wise choice as it will provide you with enough sleeping space in your room. 

But always keep in mind that they’re heavy and extremely hard to move, too.

Another ideal thing to do when deciding is to take a quick look at the reviews of the beds you’re interested in by their actual customers. With that, you will get more insights if you should go for it or not. 

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