Home Care Tips – How To Remove Scratches From Glass?

There is no doubt that glass furniture offers a range of benefits over other forms of furni-ture. They help in giving the whole place a modern, cool and contemporary look. While this indeed is good news, this glass furniture is often prone to scratches. These scratches will certainly take the sheen and shine off the best of glass furniture. Hence, it is important to find out ways and means by which things can be corrected. If you look around, you will come across quite a few glass scratch removal techniques and methods. We are sharing some common glass furniture and how to keep them free from scratches.

Black Chairs and Glass Table

Black Chairs and Glass Table

You could always see some superficial scratches and you must be able to identify them cor-rectly. You could run your fingernail over the surface. If you don’t come across grooves, then you could perhaps buff it up using some common household products. You just need to use a good window or glass cleaner. You also could use lemon juice or vinegar with a news-paper. You could then use a kitchen roll to clean the surface. Metal polish like Brasso could also be used. Many also use non-gel toothpaste and massage gently on the surface using a soft cloth. It might take several polishes before you actually get the smoothness you wish to have.

Tips For Removing Scratches From Glass

Removing Scratches From Glass
There could be some deep scratches visible and therefore you have to find ways to remove the same. Let’s discuss how this can be done quite effectively. Paste wax furniture polish could be one of the best options available. It can help to remove the deepest of scratches, unless of course it is not scratched. You should apply a thin layer and leave it to dry. You can then have it buffed with a cloth and you will be amazed at the results which it produces. You can also try using cerium oxide which also is referred to as Jeweller’s Rouge. But you would need a polishing pad attachment derived from a household drill and only then would it work.

How To Prevent Small Scratches From Becoming Bigger?

Small Scratches
Sometimes you could have small scratches on your precious glass furniture and you should try and find out ways by which you can prevent it from growing bigger. For this you would require a specialist solution and many people have found good results using solutions such as Trizact. There could be other equally effective solutions if you look up the internet. These solutions and systems use buffing discs and they can help to smooth the surface quite effi-ciently.

Seek Professional Help

All these should be able to take a majority of scratches. However, cracks are almost impos-sible to repair using DIY ways and means. In such situations it would more appropriate to seek the help of professionals to do the job. They may have to undertake some careful sur-gery to the glass but here again if the crack is too deep it may not work. It may leave you with no other option but to replace the surface. However, you can try and prevent small scratches from becoming large using the above techniques and methods.

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