Here’s How to Protect Your Furniture While Moving

Did you know that every year roughly 40 million Americans move at least once? This is 14% of the American population. Moving is stressful, especially moving furniture without damaging it.

When preparing for a move, one of the biggest obstacles is how to safely protect your furniture. Learn how to wrap furniture for moving and storage here.

How to Wrap Furniture for Moving

Moving is hard work and moving furniture makes it even harder. Before you start your moving adventure, be sure to really consider how you will protect your furniture from the various elements of moving. Nothing is worse than unpacking damaged items in a move.
How to Wrap Furniture for Moving

There are several common ways that movers and individuals protect furniture from damages during a big move. Make sure to pick the best option for you and your budget.

1. Moving Blankets

Are you hiring a moving company to do the heavy lifting for you? If you are, there’s a good chance that they will have moving blankets or moving padding for you to use.

Most moving companies, like Inner City Moving & Storage Company, include these in their services and offerings.

Consider using moving pads to separate large pieces of furniture from one another or to pad the top or bottom of a piece in the moving truck. This will help prevent friction between furniture items that may cause damage.

Moving blankets can be used to protect items individually or work as covers. It’s helpful to use multiple moving blankets to cover large items such as couches or extra long tables.

2. Cardboard

When you think about moving you probably also think about cardboard. Cardboard is the most well-known moving material. Start by boxing up your smaller items and miscellaneous gadgets.

Once you’re all packed up into cardboard boxes, consider using cardboard to cover the corners of furniture items. By covering items with hard edges and corners in cardboard you can prevent damage from the sharp objects.

3. Plastic or Shrink-wrap

If you’re going the professional route, it’s likely that the movers will use some form of plastic or shrink-wrap to protect your items. Shrink-wrap is helpful for keeping items altogether like drawers in a nightstand or dresser. It can be easy for smaller items to fall out like a nightstand drawer, but if the item is shrink-wrapped you can ensure it will stay securely together as one.
Carrying Boxes on Moving Day — Image by © Sean Justice/Corbis
Consider using plastic or shrink-wrap over the items that you have covered in moving blankets or moving pads. This will ensure that the blankets don’t slip off during the move. If the blankets or pads fall off, your furniture is in danger of being damaged.

4. Bubble wrap

Does your furniture collection contain a lot of fragile items? If so then add bubble wrap to your moving list. Bubble wrap can help give an extra layer of protection to glass, porcelain, and other antique or delicate items you may own.

Bubble wrap is an easy moving material to come by. Consider pairing bubble wrap protection with one of the other layers to double up on delicate furniture items.

Time to Move

Now that you’ve learned how to wrap furniture for moving, it’s time to pack. If you liked this article, be sure to read others on our site for more information.

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