5 Key Benefits of Switching to Organic Bedding

For years, environmentalists have been touting the benefits of organics. From cucumbers to makeup and bedding.

But is organic bedding actually beneficial in a meaningful way? Yes, it is.
Read on for 5 key benefits of organic sheets.

1. Great Night’s Sleep

One of the best reasons for investing in organic bedding is to improve sleep.
It’s true! Organic sheets feel so much better against your skin. Organic cotton bedding is made without coming into contact with harsh chemicals. The cotton is woven instead of going through chemical processing.

The end result is a softness that is inherent in the fabric even after laundering.
Great Night’s Sleep

On top of softness, organic sheets are more breathable than synthetic fabrics. While synthetic fabrics trap in heat due to metal from dyes, organic ones wick away moisture to keep you at the perfect temperature all night long.

You’ll no longer wake up in the middle of the night all sweaty.

2. A Healthier Bed

Traditional cotton is the world’s dirtiest crop.

It is chock-full of pesticides, chemicals and dyes. And you spend all night touching and breathing that in! Yuck!

Organic bedding is hypoallergenic because they don’t have any chemical additives. If you have any skin sensitivities or respiratory issues, organic bedding will help you avoid reactions.

Organic bedding is the best choice for babies and children who have much more sensitive skin than adults.

By choosing organic cotton bed sheets you are improving your health as you sleep.

3. Less Air Pollutants at Home

Switching to organic cotton bedding actually makes a difference in your air quality.

Remember that air circulates. Whatever contaminants are in your sheets will flow through the air in your home.

When you use organic sheets, you reduce the levels of airborne contaminants in your home and the toxins that you’re exposed to.

You might not think the air quality in your home is a big deal. But in fact, airborne contaminants have been proven to have adverse effects on our bodies and minds.

An investment in organic bedding will quickly pay for itself with the health benefits you will gain.

4. Better Quality

The best organic bedding is made with a higher quality textile due to the way the crop is harvested.

Conventional farmers use a machine that picks the cotton, oil and seeds of the plant altogether. Then, chemicals are used to get rid of the oil and seeds and clean the cotton.
Better Quality
On the other hand, An organic farmer will pick the cotton by hand. Then the cotton is washed with hot water and vegetable-based soaps.

The lack of harsh additives and the hand-picked selection guarantees a better end product.

5. Better for the Planet

The first four benefits we’ve talked about are all about you. The firth one is all about our home, planet Earth.

By not using toxic pesticides, harsh additives and fueled machines, organic is so much better for our planet. Plus, organic cotton uses less water than traditional cotton.

Organic farming results in less output of greenhouse gases than conventional cotton.
Choosing organic bedding lets you do your part to fight global warming. It’s the responsible eco-friendly thing to do!

Final Word on Organic Bedding

There you have it! 5 reasons why organic bedding is the smart option for your home.

Remember, the more you learn about the environment, the bigger positive impact you can make on our world.

Come back again soon for more sustainable tips.

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