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Here Are 5 Practical Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

Home security is not a topic anyone should take lightly. The fact that a no-good individual can come in and cause disruption is not something anyone would want to live through. In the best-case scenario, the intruder will leave without causing anyone harm. But we all know horror stories of rape and murder because someone breached a home security system.

Indeed you don’t have to be a CSI or Criminal Minds fan to understand what we are talking about. A cursory look at home burglary statistics shows some alarming figures. On average, 2.5 million burglaries happen every single year.

A paltry 12% of home invasions happen after careful planning. Yes, the neighborhood burglars could be taking a casual walk. By a good chance, at least for them, they see a loophole in your home security. At the spur of the moment, they will decide to seize on the presenting opportunity.

Now, here is where it gets quite interesting. Only 17% of American households have a home security system. Yet technological advancements have made such protection more affordable. 

Please read on if you are in the 83% who do not have a home security system. We will share some ways to make your home more secure.  

Invest In a Home Security System

Home security is critical for two reasons. First, you get to protect yourself and those you love. Second, you have worked hard for the things you have in the home. Why do you want to make it so easy for people to take it from you? 

Consider it an investment to your peace of mind to get a home security system. We understand that you may be concerned about the cost implication. 

But as we said above, technological innovations and advancements have made such security solutions more affordable. The Vivint security packages will make you home more secure due to:-

  • 24/7 monitoring and live talk 
  • Advanced, easy-to-use control panel
  • Motion detectors and door/window sensors
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Professional installation
  • Carbon monoxide or smoke detection
  • Broadband and cellular technology to keep the system running, even without power. 

 Do not be afraid of the cost of a home security system. You will find service providers who are willing to accommodate the budget you have.  

Take Care of the Home Security Basics

Remember our point that 88% of home security breaches happen without planning. Sometimes, what you do can place you at significant risk. You must make it a habit to take care of basic home security measures. 

  • The most simple is ensuring that you lock your doors and windows. Please do not make it easy for burglars to walk into your home. You may want to do this even if they’re people in the house.  
  • Simple solutions like deadbolts can increase the difficulty level for anyone trying to breach your home. 
  • Installing door and window sensors is also a good idea. The sensors will alert you if you need to lock them properly.
  • Another option is to have smart locks. You can program them to lock automatically after a specific time. 
  • Do check that the hinges and doors are strong and in good condition. The intruders would have a tough time kicking the doors down. 

Reduce the Temptation to Steal

Are you providing the temptation to steal? You might be doing so without the knowledge that you are. If you are doing the following, please stop.

  • Leaving valuables in the open. Store things away if no one is using them. That includes the kid’s toys, bikes, etc.
  • Leaving packages on the front porch for a long. It is a good idea to schedule deliveries for when you are home. Or, look for a safe way to store them other than leaving them out in the open. A good idea would be a lockable package delivery box. The other alternative is to ask a neighbor to pick up your package until you get back. 
  • The under-the-flower pot or mat habit for extra keys must stop. That is one of the first places everyone, including burglars, will check.
  •  Make sure you clear the compound so that intruders do not have anywhere to hide. That means trimming back bushes and avoiding piling up things. 

Always Give the Impression Someone Is Home

Petty thieves will avoid a home that seems to have occupants. That is why you should always create the impression someone is home. Do this even if you have traveled and the house is empty. Some practical tips include:-

  • Canceling newspaper deliveries for the time you are away. A pileup of newspapers or magazines on the porch is quite telling of the fact no one is around.
  • Consider getting a house sitter for the duration.
  • Invest in intelligent lighting. These will come on or go off at pre-set times. Have them in different rooms to make it seem like someone is moving around.
  • Smart appliances that allow for remote control are worth the investment. You can put on the TV, radio or lights wherever you are. 

Get a Dog

If you want nature’s answer to a home alarm system, it resides in your dog. Indeed, dogs are great as the first line of defense against intruders. If the family pooch senses the presence of a stranger, it will bark. The dog will also make a growling sound, which can scare away intruders.

A good idea is to train the dog well. It should, for instance, not eat food from strangers. The challenge with dogs is that a drug-laced piece of juicy meat is enough to render them useless. That is unless you get those with proper training.  

Final Thoughts

Security for the home is non-negotiable. You must do all you can to protect yourself and those you love. That is why the first thing you need to consider is a home security system.

As we said, cost should no longer be a reason not to have an at-home security system. You get tons of benefits for $30 or less, including 24/7 monitoring. Others are motion detectors, door/window sensors, etc. 

Also, please take your home security as a top priority. That means being more mindful of what you do. Also, avoid any situations that may tempt the burglar to steal.

Finally, get a dog, if you can. Not only do you get a natural home alarm system. But you also get an addition to the family you will love forever.

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