Landlords Should Rent a Storage Unit

Reasons Why Landlords Should Rent a Storage Unit

If you are a landlord, there are a few good reasons why you could benefit from renting out storage space. For one, you might have a property that is furnished but you are going to rent it unfurnished to a person or people with their own furniture. You can then store the furniture in the storage unit while it is not in use. Moreover, you can store unwanted items in the flat, such as extra wardrobes or beds. Finally, in the event of an emergency, you can remove furniture from the premises while the flat is being repaired from the flood or fire that caused your furniture to be removed.

Furnished or Unfurnished

Some landlords will rent out apartments or houses furnished, meaning they have all of the necessary furniture and home items renters need to live in the space. However, at times, renters will have their own furniture, pots and pans and so on, and they will not want the landlord’s things in the house. This is when it becomes very handy for landlords to have access to storage units. They can place the unwanted items in storage and wait until they are needed again by the next renters.

Store Spare Items

Sometimes, a landlord will rent out a flat or house with multiple bedrooms, but the renters do not want to use all of the rooms as bedrooms. In this case, there might be unwanted furniture, such as beds, wardrobes or desks that the landlord has to remove for the period of their stay. These extra bulky items can go into storage.

Likewise, if someone moves into the landlord’s property and something they want is missing, the landlord can check their storage and see if they have the item already. This saves them from buying a new one. Remember, if you are renting out a property with furniture, you should have landlord’s insurance.

In Case of an Emergency

Landlords Should Rent a Storage Unit 2

Finally, landlords always have to be prepared for an emergency. For instance, a flood, fire or any other disaster that requires renters to temporarily vacate the premises. In the case of a fire or flood, the walls and floors of the property might need to be replaced or repaired. This would mean that the furniture in the home needs to be removed and stored somewhere safe until the apartment or house is fit to be lived in again.

This has been a quick look at reasons why landlords need to rent storage space. There are a few reasons why this is a practical idea. First, if you rent out a property furnished, but someone wants it unfurnished, you can store the furniture in a storage unit until it is needed again. Moreover, your tenants might want to remove one bulky item, such as a wardrobe or bed, and you can take this to storage. Finally, if there is an emergency that results in the apartment or house needing extensive repairs, you can remove the furniture and store it while the walls and floor are mended.

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