Grow Your Own Food: Here’s How!

The United States is home to around 2 million farms. Whether you have a large industrialized farm or a small eco-friendly farm, your main concern should be investing in the best tools on the market. As any experienced farmer knows, the right tools can make the job of tending to plants and harnessing the natural power of soil much easier.

When trying to aerate or turn the soil on a farm, you need a tool that won’t require a lot of heaving or lifting to operate. This is why investing in a broadfork from Easy Digging is such a good idea. These broadforks are built to last and can help you complete a variety of jobs around your farm.

The following are just some of the ways you can use the broadfork to complete various tasks around the farm.

1. The Broadfork Can Make the Planting Process Easier

One of the busiest times on a farm is planting season. During this part of the year, you will have to get all of our trees, bulbs and perennials in the ground. The best way to ensure this process is easy and successful is by working on preparing your soil.
The Broadfork Can Make the Planting Process Easier

Before you start to plant, you will need to ensure the soil is aerated and ready. With a broadfork, you can turn over the soil and remove the weeds it contains. If the soil you are working with is compacted, it is probably best to use a heavy duty broadfork. With this heavy-duty tool, you can loosen the soil and properly aerate it with minimal effort.

2. Reduce Compaction Problems With Deep Tillage

Do you have a section of soil that is not producing healthy and usable plants? If so, this problem may be caused by severe soil compaction. Soil that is extremely compacted will prohibit soil growth and may even reduce the amount of usable water the plants receive.

Utilizing the power of a broadfork allows you to flip over the soil without hurting its overall structure. The best way to ensure this process is done properly is by using a lightweight broadfork if at all possible. Trying to use a heavier tool can lead to you getting exhausted in a hurry.

3. Harvesting Root Crops is Simple With a Broadfork

Have you planted a number of carrots, parsnips or potatoes on your farm? While these crops are easy to grow, they can be quite difficult to harvest. If you are looking for a way to simplify the root crop harvesting process, then investing in a broadfork is vital.

The main thing you need to consider when using this tool during harvest is avoiding root damage. You can do this by sinking the forks of this tool a few inches into the soil and pulling back slightly. Be sure to avoid flipping the soil due to the root damage this can cause.
Harvesting Root Crops is Simple With a Broadfork

4. Plowing the Soil on Your Farm

Another crucial task you will have to perform on your soil is plowing. If you need to plow a small patch of soil, a broadfork is a great tool to use. The key component of doing this successfully is waiting until the soil conditions are just right.

You want to make sure the soil is not too dry or too wet before beginning this process. Finding a heavy-duty broadfork with long tines can make plowing the soil a breeze.

Time to Take Action

Now that you know more about the benefits of broadforks, it is time to invest in one. With the help of a knowledgeable and experienced supplier, getting a quality broadfork will be simple.

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