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Great Tips For Making a Small Room Appear Larger

Choosing the right living space is more difficult than most people realize. As you look at the available homes in the area you like, be sure to consider things such as the size vs. the cost of the house or apartment in question. Choosing a smaller living space is a great way to save money and reduce how much cleaning you have to do, but living in a small space has a few drawbacks as well – such as feeling cramped over time.

Finding ways to make the smaller rooms in your home or apartment appear bigger should be a priority. Here are some great tips on how to accomplish this goal.

Properly Positioned Signage and Art

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If you want to add depth and appeal to your small rooms, investing in 3D signs and letters is a great idea. Signage industry experts share their experience. They note that designers who prefer dimensional signage appreciate the availability of custom 3D signs to reflect their imagination and fit the design requirements. While these signs and letters are primarily used in commercial buildings, they can be added to homes and apartments as well.

Working with a sign designer or supplier that offers customization is your best course of action. With this design versatility, you can invest in a 3D sign that means something to you personally. Adding these signs to your smaller rooms will make them appear bigger. 

These signs or letters also provide a uniquely modern look that the average person absolutely loves. If you are tired of your home lacking personality, then it is time to consider investing in a customized 3D sign.

Area Carpets To Create Room Separation

Homeowners in the United States spend millions of dollars each year in an attempt to keep their property appealing and damage-free. If you live in a smaller home or apartment, you know how easy it is for one room to spill into another. If there is no clear definition between the rooms in your living space, it will soon feel cramped. 

Solving this common problem is as easy as investing in some new area carpets. Rather than buying the same area rugs for each room in your home, it is a better idea to choose different ones for each different room.

Not only will this help you express your creative side, it also helps you define the parameters of each particular room. When buying new rugs, you have to find a supplier that has both high-quality products and competitive prices. 

Some homeowners think that skimping on rug quality to save a few dollars is acceptable. In reality, this mistake can lead to worn-out area rugs that look dated, in a relatively short period of time. This is why spending extra money on a well-made, durable rug is in your best interest.

Focus Your Attention on The Ceiling

Are the walls in your small home filled with pictures or covered with paneling? Having too much stuff on your walls can make a small space seem even smaller. If you want to avoid replacing your wall coverings or taking down pictures, then focus your attention on the ceiling of the room in question. Adding new paint or unique wallpaper to this area is a great way to make a small room seem bigger.

Since most people will focus their attention on your painted or wallpapered ceiling, they will overlook the actual size of the room. Before you start painting your ceiling or applying wallpaper to it, take time to consider whether you are comfortable doing this work. If you have limited experience or tools, you may be better off hiring professionals to help with this challenging area of your home. This means you can get the results you want without having to spend all of your free time painting or applying wallpaper.

Chose Furniture With Extra Storage Space

Ditch Your Curtains and Blinds

The main complaint most people have about living in smaller spaces is the lack of storage. Putting too many things inside of a small home can make it feel cramped and unlivable. If you are tired of knocking things out of your way when trying to get from room to room, then it is time to figure out a solution to this common issue. 

Before you start throwing away valuable items to free up space, consider exploring some new furniture options. There are tons of furniture pieces on the modern market that feature hidden storage compartments.

Adding these pieces to your home or apartment can give you more usable storage space. As you begin shopping, be sure to have accurate measurements of your living space handy. Also consider furniture that utilizes vertical space, such as tall cabinets, picture ledges and pegboards. Make use of all the little corners and areas behind furniture for hanging, storing and displaying items that would normally take up space on the floor. 

Avoid Putting Furniture Against Your Walls

One of the biggest consumers of space in a smaller home or apartment is furniture. Having a comfy sofa, loveseat and chairs is something most people view as a priority. Not only do you need to focus on getting furniture that is smaller, you also have to consider how you arrange these pieces. 

The main mistake you can make when placing furniture in a smaller living space is putting it against the walls. Doing this can make the room seem much smaller, which is why designers suggest letting your furniture “float” in the middle of the room. Using this furniture trick can help you keep your small home looking great without limiting the amount of room you have access to.

You can also choose furniture that features vaulted legs for the illusion of more space. Utilize areas behind doors, under couches and any other small area to store things, which frees up the main living areas. 

Ditch Your Curtains and Blinds

Covering the windows in a room that is small can make it feel much smaller. Rather than covering your windows with curtains or blinds, take these coverings down and let the natural sunlight in. Increasing the amount of natural sunlight in a small room makes it feel bigger as well. Enhancing the amount of natural sunlight in your living space can also help you to save energy and reduce monthly utility costs.

It’s Time To Make a Few Changes

Using the tips in this article can help you make a small living space feel much larger. While implementing these new solutions will be costly and time-consuming, it is worth the investment due to the appeal and functionality they can add to your small home or apartment.

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