Great Meals for After Your Workout

After your workout, it is important to have a meal to help repair and build your muscles. This is also when your body is burning the most calories, so it will help to fuel you for your upcoming workouts. Regardless if you have been working out for years or you are just getting started, you want to at a minimum find a snack within 30 minutes of your routine.

Eating following your workout will decrease the amount of muscle protein breakdown that occurs, increase your muscle growth, restore the glycogen levels in your body, and help your body recover for your next workout.

It’s not just important to eat, though, it’s important to eat the right foods to maximize your results. What foods are the right foods? Well, we have a few ideas about that.

Various Smoothies

Various Smoothies

One of the easiest and best foods to eat after your workout is a smoothie. Some of the best single serve blender options not only make you a smoothie quickly but allow you to build a smoothie that fits your needs and taste. You can add fruit, protein powder, spinach, or anything else you want to make a delicious post-workout smoothie.

You can also make the smoothies different depending on what you are craving that day. If you are craving chocolate, add chocolate protein powder, a banana, and some peanut butter for a tasty and healthy treat.

Eggs How You Like

Eggs How You Like
Eggs are an excellent source of protein. If you have just a bit of time, you can make a great omelet with them. You can add your favorite veggies to it making it extra nutritious. If you don’t have a lot of time, you can make hardboiled eggs before your workout and eat them quickly after. Eggs have 7 grams of protein in them and are an excellent post-workout food.

Protein Bars

Protein Bars
Having a protein bar is a fast way to get great macronutrients into your body. The only downside is that there are many out there that are very unhealthy. It’s a good idea to check the calories as well as the amount of sugar prior to consuming a protein bar. Alternatively, Jake from Health Listed recommends investing in a handy appliance like a nut chopper in order to prepare your own healthier versions of your favorite bars. That way, you have complete control over what goes into and stays out of your creations.

If you’re not careful, your hard work at the gym will be for nothing. Make sure you read the label before consuming it.

A Toasted Tuna Sandwich

A Toasted Tuna Sandwich
Many people want to stay away from carbs because they believe it will make them gain weight. However, when you finish a workout, carbohydrates are actually a good thing. Since your body is working so hard, carbohydrates will help it to recover. Eating a tuna sandwich on whole wheat toast is a delicious and filling post-workout meal.

There are so many great and healthy meals you can consuming following your workout. They don’t take a long time to prepare, come with a wealth of benefits, and will help you reach your fitness goals faster—so don’t forget to eat!

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