How to Make Your Home Look Like You Hired an Interior Designer

Using What’s Available To You

Using What’s Available To You

You can make your home look like you hired the most costly and professional interior designer on the market without having to spend the kind of money generally associated with such décor. This may take a bit longer, and it may require a bit more work on your part; but it’s not something entirely impossible. In fact, you may find better solutions going this route.

First, take stock of what you have and what you want. Where are you at, where are you going, what’s going to help you get where you need to be? Have you finished the basement? That might be something you want to do. Is your dining room antiquated in terms of design? Maybe rip out the rug, put in some hardwood floors, change the wallpaper, and redecorate.

What you need to do is determine where changes are and are not necessary, and then determine forward innovations from this point. You’ll be able to figure out how much you can spend, and which projects may need to be put on the back burner. But something just as important in this regard is imagination stimulation.

Home remodel and renovation represent great means of maintaining property value, and even increasing it. Yet if renovation doesn’t have some level of inspiration behind it, then it will stand out from the rest of your home, appear stilted, and not impart the effect you intended. Following, a few interior design tips will be explored to help you produce outcomes that appear professionally orchestrated.

Colors, Blankets, Plants, And Mirrors

Colors, Blankets, Plants, And Mirrors
It’s important to have color schemes within a given room that match, or provide deliberate and strategic contrast. Something else you might want to do is gradually shift color palettes at the edges of a room so the transition to other spaces feels natural. Wallpapers, tapestries, pictures, and decorative items like figurines or dioramas are key in spicing a room up with colors.

Plants are also good in making a room feel more livable. Plants recirculate the air, and can help purify it in a way similar to how a fish filter purifies a tank. Carpets actually function to a limited degree in this capacity as well; dander and other particulates becoming constrained by the fibers, and so removed from the atmosphere.

Blankets can be used to change the color of furniture, or make a room feel more warm and inviting. Lastly, mirrors spread light around. If you’ve got a small room, mirrors can make it feel twice as large as it would otherwise. Especially when it comes to apartments, having some small-space strategies can be key.

Furniture And Cabinetry Considerations

Furniture And Cabinetry Considerations
The right kind of furniture can really set your home apart. You might have an ornate ottoman, you might look into chairs or coffee tables which match the motif of your domain, and you might want to consider some of the fine cabinetry options which have developed as manufacturing technology has become more refined.

As an example, it may be worthwhile to look into the offerings of a kitchen cabinets online wholesaler—discount RTA cabinets can fit exactly your needs while saving you resources, and appearing much more upscale than their cost might lead you to believe.

Interior Design To Impress Even Professional Designers

Interior Design To Impress Even Professional Designers
Look at furniture, tapestries, wallpapers, and overall color schemes of your home. Consider furniture and cabinetry options, and don’t forget to add a spice of life to your premises with the addition of a few plants in the right place.

Before doing any of these things, take stock of where you are at, and use that to help stimulate your imagination. Such tips will help you design the inside of your home so well it feels like something a catalogue photographer would be proud to shoot.

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