Granite Counter Tops – Color Trends

As opposed to factory-manufactured quartz, granite countertops use naturally occurring granite stone, and have a reputation for less color flexibility. While it is true that the man-made quartz countertops come in more colors, granite countertop colors include a surprising wide range of eye-catching whites, blacks, reds, blues, browns and greens. If you’re looking for a completely natural stone countertop, take a look at some of these stunning options.

Classic White

Classic White

Granite countertops may come in pure white, but the different patterns include highlights that can coordinate with any kitchen redesign. River White’s long sweeping lines makes your counter appear longer than it is and works well with both light and dark cabinets. Kashmir White, on the other hand, presents more of a salt and pepper look. Delicatus White brings interest and intrigue into your counters, while Ice White brings a hint of blue into your kitchen.

Elegant Black

Elegant Black
Instantly add a touch of class to your home with black countertops. Black granite countertops shine in big rooms with lots of natural light and go a long way toward creating a modern look in the kitchen. Ubataba is known for its gold flecks in the granite, while Black Galaxy gets its name from its white flecks. Coupled with good lighting, these stunning countertops will continue to look great for years to come.

Epic Red

Epic Red
Once used by ancient Egyptians to decorate pyramids, present day homeowners are finding the different red shades perfect for making a bold statement. Red granite countertop colors range from burgundies found in Juparana Bordeaux to the fiery Arezzo Granite, making it easy to find the right color to reflect your kitchen’s personality. With dozens of changes

Earthy Green

Earthy Green
Green granite contains brown and grey undertones. When installed together with bronze fixtures and wood cabinetry, it presents more of a relaxed, natural look. It comes in a number of different patterns, making it easy to find the right green granite kitchen countertop that will work for you.

Rustic Brown

Rustic Brown
Brown granite countertops have withstood the test of time and remain a popular color om the kitchen. It works best when paired with lighter cabinetry tones, and is great in both rustic and country kitchens.

When choosing your granite kitchen cabinets, always take a look at the big picture. Select the color and style that will work best in the kitchen you’ve always dreamed about.

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