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Global Corporations with Unique HQ Interior Designs

Google and Amazon are known to be some of the biggest internet giants and corporations in the world. In fact, the unstoppable force of Amazon has meant that sales rose to a staggering $386bn in 2020. But did you know that Amazon and Google are also known for their incredible headquarters?

But what makes them so special? Read on to find out. 


Firstly, we’ll start with Amazon. Nested in Downtown Seattle, the Amazon HQ is anything but boring. Known for its unique glass orbs filled with what can only be described as a “cloud forest”, the Amazon HQ offers a green workspace for employees to thrive. 

Originally commissioned by Jeff Bezos in 2019, the geo-spheres measure at a colossal 90 feet tall and are filled with over 40,000 different plants found across the globe! And with plants thought to reduce stress and boost the mood within offices, they aren’t just pretty to look at. 

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Although you may not be able to afford a $4bn global sphere, there are some small ways you can incorporating nature into your office. For example, even indoor house plants can brighten the mood, purify the air and offer an element of softness to your office surroundings. 


It should come as no surprise that Google has a breathtaking HQ. Sitting on St Giles Street in London, the Google HQ has a quirky, unique feel. Mixing 70s retro and modern office furniture creates a laid-back yet corporate feel. You could also achieve this in your own workplace by getting in touch with an office furniture supplier. From the Granny’s Flat lounging space filled with dated furniture and fussy fixtures, to the ultra-cool meeting rooms with padded walls – there’s something uniquely intriguing about Google’s offices. 

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Yet it’s not just the looks that have us hooked on Google’s interior design. In fact, ever forward-thinking, Google has sourced the majority of its interior from reclaimed materials. With climate change rapidly approaching, it’s positive that major corporations are doing their bit to be sustainable. 

Another thing Google excelled at is their appropriately placed cafes and snack bars. The whole office is designed so that no part of the office is more than 150 feet away from food, with restaurants and cafes scattered nearby. For fellow foodies, this just makes sense. Nobody wants to trapse around a huge HQ in a desperate search for lunch! 

Although there’s no doubt Google employees work hard, it’s reassuring to note that Google’s HQ is also littered with cool chill-out zones. Ideal for both relaxing and creative thinking, it seems Google’s got the right idea. 

And there you have it! An insight into some of the interior design marvels at some of the world’s biggest corporations. Although recreating the exact look yourself may be difficult, there are some things you can do to get the look on a budget. From expertly selected office furniture, to brightening things up with plants and beanbags, you too can have an enviable office. 

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