Useful Tips On How To Extend The Life Of These Kitchen Items


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Kitchen items do not last forever. There is nothing worse than having these appliances break down on you when they are needed most. You can extend their life if you know how to care for them properly and what things you should avoid doing to them. Here are some tips on extending the life of some kitchen items.

Pots And Pans

Taking good care of your pots and pans is very important because they get a lot of use in your home kitchen. To prolong their life, don’t let the water dry inside the pots after washing them. Also, avoid using steel wool pads or abrasive cleaners when cleaning them since this will scratch their surfaces and cause discoloration over time. If you want to have pretty pots and pans that last long then cook food evenly by rotating the pans while cooking. You can also cook food evenly by using the right amount of oil and liquid.

If you do not have non-stick pans, try to avoid scraping your food with metal utensils. Instead, use wooden or plastic spatulas. You may opt for aluminum pots and pans but they are prone to denting so take extra care when handling them. For cast iron skillets, never put cold water on them or set them in a very hot oven because this will cause them to crack over time. Don’t clean cast iron skillets with soap since soaps will linger in the pores of the skillet which will make your kitchen items prone to rusting. To clean it properly, dry it with a towel after washing it and then rub in some vegetable oil.

Flatware Set

Keep your cutlery clean and never leave them sitting in water for a long time because this will cause rust. The lifespan of flatware sets depends on their type- stainless steel is the best-, how you use and take care of them. When storing, do not stack the forks and knives as they can get bent easily. 

The most important tip is to hand wash these items instead of washing them in a dishwasher regardless of whether or not they are labeled “dishwasher safe”. Dishwashers wear down the sharp edges (of all utensils) but since forks and knives have pointed tips, these are more likely to get damaged compared to spoons, spatulas, tongs, etc. Use nylon netting instead of linen cloth when drying your silverware. It is gentler on the edges so you will not get scratches.

Frying Pans

To prolong the life of your frying pans, do not place them on too high heat since this will cause their surfaces to warp or melt easily. Aside from that, never wash these kitchen items with harsh detergents because doing so will wear out its surface quickly. Instead, use warm soapy water to clean it after each use and dry it immediately with a towel afterwards. You may opt for stainless steel skillets but keep in mind that these are susceptible to scratching so handle them with care. To prolong their life, never store your frying pans in a pile or stacked on top of each other since this will cause their surfaces to warp over time.

Parchment Paper

Using parchment paper is one of the best ways to cook food evenly because it prevents food items from sticking on your pans. However, you have to replace or discard this kitchen tool regularly so that it can continue working well when cooking your food. Just store them in a dry place and check if they are already not working well anymore before replacing them with new ones. Also, avoid using very hot water when cleaning parchment paper so that it will last longer and prevent warping of its surface over time.

Cutting Boards

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Consider the wood material of your cutting boards as a bonus because they are more durable compared to plastic and glass ones. But even with this advantage, you still have to keep them clean regularly so that bacteria will not build up on their surface over time. Wipe dirt off your wooden cutting boards using water and soapy mixture every time after cooking and then wipe off any excess moisture before putting it in the dishwasher for drying or air-drying it directly into the sun. 

The cleaning process described above should also be done regularly since food residue can cause bacterial growth on the surface of your cutting board over time if not cleaned immediately after cooking. Another tip is not to place hot items on cold ones or vice versa since this will cause the cutting board to warp over time

If you are interested in prolonging the life of your kitchen items, there are several steps to take. Like ensuring that pots and pans don’t have any scratches or chips on them and washing flatware by hand.

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