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Front Door Buying Guide

Front Door Buying Guide

Do you want to change the front door of your house? Or, maybe you are looking for a front door for a new house. The options are countless and the process of choosing one may seem overwhelming. Finding the perfect door for your house is vital because it influences the curb appeal of the property and it can add value to the house if you choose it right. You want to install a door that will make you feel proud every time you arrive home. Do not worry, even if there are numerous options available we will help you filter the results and focus on the models that are perfect for your house.

Let’s begin….

Do you really need a new door?

If you want to replace the old door, and you are not building a house from scratch then this is a question, you should ask yourself. Sometimes people decide to change their doors only because they feature some scratches. In order to clearly understand if the door is damaged to the extent that requires replacement, you should inspect it both inside and outside. If the door shows signs of warping and rooting then it is the moment to start looking for a new one.

Another case that requires replacement is when the door is allowing a draft, it can have daunting effects on your budget because it makes your cooling and heating systems work harder. An energy efficient door will help you lower the energy bills and make the indoors atmosphere feel more comfortable.

Now that you have decided that it is the moment for a new door you have to focus on the aspects that truly matter when buying one.

Doors come in multiple styles and materials

Doors styles

When selecting a front door you want it to fit with the style of the property. The doors available on the market are categorized as being traditional or modern. You will have to decide what style is the best one for your house, and you will have to pay attention to details because this is one of the mistakes people often make. If you make a wrong decision, your house will not be in harmony with the building and it will lower the value of the property. If you have no idea how to choose the door, ask for the help of an expert.


Door materials

Another important factor you will have to consider is the material of the front door. Usually, they are made from solid wood, timber, composite, aluminium and uPVC. Now is the moment to reflect on your personal taste and to decide what material you would prefer. Every material has advantages and disadvantages, a timber door looks great on a modern house, aluminium is perfect for a minimalist one, solid wood works great for both modern and traditional houses, composite the same.

Take your time, check multiple finishes and materials, this is the best way to find the perfect front door.

U-values, security and the importance of the environment


Earlier we have discussed the insulation properties of front doors. It is a feature you should pay attention to because it will influence the comfort of the house and it will have a great impact on your budget. You will often find the features referred to as the U values of the door, you need to understand the terminology to make an informed decision. U-values show you the level of insulation the door provides. Check for the ones with the lowest U-values.

You will notice that fibreglass and uPVC doors often do not have their U-values mentioned because of their construction. It is advisable to choose the door that comes with a value below 1 if you want your house to stay warm during winter and cool during summer.



If you want a front door that offers you security then contemporary models excel at this.  Contemporary front doors are described as virtually burglarproof, therefore one can bring you peace of mind. If you want a durable door that offers superior security then you should check the models made from steel. Most of them are made from 24-gauge steel, they are resistant to cracking, warping, fire and kicks.


Many homeowners ignore this factor when buying a front door. Your front door is the link between outdoors and indoors and you have to make sure that it is not a weak one. Insulating your house is vital, therefore do not forget to consider the environment. Modern doors are designed to provide superior insulation.

Storm doors can offer you extra protection

Storm doors add instant value to a house because they enhance the insulation and protection levels. They have the role to create a barrier between the outdoor elements and the indoor of the house. They can enhance the durability of your front door because they protect it from weather factors. It is known that snow, rain, wind and hail can damage the looks of an outdoor door. If you find a model that enhances the aesthetics of the property you want to make sure that, you preserve it in the best state for as long as possible.

Storm doors are the help you need to maintain your front door, but they can also help you save money on your utility bills because they have insulation and protection features.

Your front door does not have to be the only exterior door of your house, alongside it you can also add patio doors. If you need to install patio doors you can opt for multiple models, the sliding and swinging ones are the most popular ones. Sliding doors are a perfect choice if you want to allow light to enter indoors and to control the air ventilation.

Let’s return to the front door, when you select it, you have to keep in mind that it will be the main factor that influences the first impression guests will make when they will visit your house. It is the first thing they see when they arrive, and the last thing they see when they leave. It should create them a lasting memory.

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