Five Ways in Which a New Roof Can Increase Your Home Value



Installing a new roof is an investment that would give you long-term returns. Especially if you are planning to sell the house, then this money spent is a profitable investment. Surveys reveal that a new roof installation could increase the value of your home by $15,000.

Considering the money you pay for a decent roof, this is a significant saving indeed. Here we will tell you five ways in which a new roof can increase your home value.

Adds up to the look of the home

We all believe that no one would be interested in the roof and how it looks. However, the truth is that curb appeal definitely boosts the market value of the home. Professional contractors and those who do the home remodeling themselves may not mind the state of your roof.

Most of the home buyers are okay with carpeting, repainting, etc. but have qualms about spending money on the roof. Look online with details like Metal Roofing Sydney, and you are sure to get companies providing appropriate solutions to the same.


Your home has fewer structural problems

Roof leaks and penetration of moisture accounts for 40% of structural problems that a home may face. Seeing a new home, you can assure the buyer that this is one aspect that they may not have to deal with in the future. Obviously, this will increase the probability of your home getting purchased at the beginning of the selling process.

Better energy efficiency

A new roof is a more energy-efficient option than an old one. With an increasing emphasis on efficient energy use, you can always project your new roof as a bonus to the buyers.

Apart from that, the latest versions of roofing materials are equipped with better features to save energy. When you get your roof replaced, make sure you ask your contractor all about the new and energy-efficient product variants available.

The appeal of having a transferable warranty

All the new roofing products these days come with a transferable warranty. Once you decide to sell your home, you can quickly transfer the warranty to the new owner. For the buyer, this is a great deal as he will not have to deal with any roof repairs shortly.

However, all roofing products may not have a transferable warranty, and it is better to check with your contractor about the status.

Green light from the building inspector

You may have found a buyer, but if the building inspector raises a few checks, your buyer is sure to scurry away. But if you have got your roof recently installed, the chances of any such issues are minimized.

That means you will get your clearances soon, and the sale process will simplify.



When a buyer looks for a new home, he does not want any pending issues with it. By repairing your roof before the time, you ensure that the buyer does not have to deal with unnecessary expenses later on. With this aspect of home repair already taken care of, it is easy for the buyers to choose a great deal like your home.

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