Simply Choose the Name of Your Company

For a company, an association or more generally an organization, the choice of the domain name is relatively simple. It is in fact strongly recommended for these entities to buy a domain name that uses their name verbatim. This strategy ensures that customers, members and Internet users can easily find and identify the website.

If for such an entity, the decision concerning the domain name is simple, the choice of the extension may raise questions. It is recommended to reserve a domain name for each “historical” extension. These “historical” extensions are .com, net, .info, .org, .info and .fr. For example destructive wave 5e, a company whose clientele is located in France and Belgium will have an interest in reserving its domain name with the extension .com, .fr and .be but also .net, .info, .org and .info.

Beware of special characters in a domain name

Many domain names are made up of more than one word. While it is natural to want to make it easier to read by inserting special characters like “dashes”, this approach can lead to errors. “Typos” will lead the user to a non-existent page or to another website.

A domain name should not be too long

Another common sense tip is not to buy too long a domain name. It will be very difficult to memorize and will be a source of errors when writing it.


The domain name should be easy to spell

While it is obviously not necessary to reserve a domain name with errors in French, care must also be taken not to reserve a name that could lead to confusion or interpretation. For example, agreements are the source of many errors.

Choose a domain name with keywords

The reserved domain name is not always the digital translation of the name of a company or an organization. In this case, the domain name can be chosen according to the habits and customs of Internet users. The study of the most searched and used keywords on social networks is then essential. Many tools like Google Trends, SemRush, BuzzSumo or Yooda Insight can help discover these expressions.

A second option is not to focus on the keywords but on the creation of an impactful domain name which will become over time a reference, better still a real brand.

New domain name extensions

The availability of a domain name is a real problem. Over time, many expressions and keywords have been reserved by website owners but also by domainers, professionals whose activity is to buy domain names to resell them at a high price.

It is now possible to register domain names not only with .com, .fr, .net histories but also with, for example, .paris, .expert, .immo, .voyage or .science.

Redeem a Domain Name


The reservation of a domain name can be carried out on the first market, where only the available names are present, but also on the secondary market, where the domain name is bought from a third party.

Many marketplaces offer to link buyers and sellers. The purchase price can vary between a few tens of euros to several hundred, or even millions. The purchase can be made during an auction or instantaneously when a sale price has been set.

Opt for an expired domain name

The expression “buy a domain name” is a misnomer. In reality, the domain name is reserved for a given period with an exclusive option for its renewal. Every day, thousands of domain names expire and can be re-reserved. Many websites allow you to find out which areas are close to expiration. Better yet, some suggest attempting an automatic reservation from the first millisecond like 5e Frightened that the domain name is in the public domain. This approach makes it possible to obtain competitive domain names at a lower cost.

Do not reserve a domain name belonging to a brand

If a domain name is available for reservation, it can still be “linked” to a brand. If a company has filed, before the creation of the website, a mark identical to the domain name, the holder of the latter can be sued. Research on the websites of the INPI, for France, of the EUIPO, for Europe, and of the WIPO, for the world, must be carried out in order to determine if the domain name concerned is not a trademark.

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