Five Things to Impress your Boss when Working Remotely


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Even though remote work has been with us for a long time, there are still employers who do not believe in its effectiveness. It is especially difficult for new employees who immediately go to work remotely. After all, under such conditions, it is more difficult to impress the manager – it is not easy to demonstrate your punctuality, diligence, and perseverance when no one physically sees you. Not easy, but possible. We tell you how to please your boss when working remotely. The ones who are still in search of a remote job might be interested in resume writing services to increase their chances of being employed.

What can destroy a good impression?

Excessive workload. You may think it’s a good idea to take on extra work to prove to your boss how good you are, how well you can do everything, and even in a short time. But in fact, it can be difficult to meet the deadline, or it will take sleepless nights, there will be conflicts with your family. 

Therefore, the result may be poorly performed work, which won’t be appreciated by your boss.

A new task when you haven’t finished with the previous one. Freelancers who are paid for every task they do are especially tempted to grab a new offer. But here it is important to know the Golden Rule – do not take a new task until you have completed the previous one (or at least reached the finish line). After all, if you collect tasks that you can’t pass on time, it’s unlikely that anyone will like it.

Always”yes”. If you agree to everything your boss says, you run the risk of not only filling yourself up with work but also giving the impression of a clumsy person. Bosses overwhelmingly do not want to deal with subordinates who nod at their every phrase or request, but have their own opinion and are not afraid to express it.

What should I do?

If you work from home or from any other corner of the Earth where there is an internet connection, there are some simple and effective ways to show your professional aptitude to your boss.

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1. Stay in touch

If your boss writes or calls you, and you answer in half an hour or an hour, they may have the idea that you are doing anything, but you are not sitting in front of the computer and not completing the task. Modern technologies and gadgets make it possible not to miss a single message, and you need to respond to them quickly.

2. Stick to deadlines

Various life circumstances may cause you not to submit your job on time, and adequate employers understand all this. However, if you have a global catastrophe every time you approach the deadline, your boss will question the truthfulness of your words and the impression will be ruined.

3. Don’t miss meetings

You may think that no one needs permanent meetings in Zoom, but it is there that employees announce changes to the rules of work, inform about New available functionality, and so on. This way you won’t make mistakes while completing tasks, you’ll have to ask fewer questions to your supervisor or colleagues, and you’ll also be able to express your opinion and impress everyone present.

4. Present your achievements

So that your boss doesn’t think that you were assigned a task and you disappeared somewhere, tell us about the status of your work. Divide your large project into smaller tasks and notify your supervisor about each one. You can also show them intermediate results to compare expectations with reality.

5. Quality comes first

But most of all, the result of the work done speaks about your diligence, professional aptitude, and productivity. The employer wants to see an employee working independently, without additional incentive, unnecessary stress, or control, perform their work efficiently. It doesn’t matter where he works – in the office or on his bed.

How to find a job during a lockdown

For those who still think that job search and strict quarantine are incompatible things, we debunk these myths with the experience of a former job seeker.

Job search

It is a mistake to assume that employers do not need new specialists during the period of hard lockdowns. Candidates have more chances to be chosen when using best federal resume writing service when creating a resume. Over the past three months, according to the analytical tool transparent work, on the site – 296,896 vacancies, but there are also a lot of active candidates – 757,054. so just send your resume and hope for a surprisingly erroneous strategy.

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I have repeatedly heard that you need to prepare for an interview, but I didn’t understand how important it is. Before interviewing my dream employer, I decided to read information about their values, view the pages in social media of both the company itself and those who work there, prepare a story about myself for all the tips! Oh, magic! I didn’t worry before the interview, I knew what I would be asked and what I would answer.

An interview is probably the most important stage in employment. Therefore, you need to try to make it successful. 


Onboarding for office work is clear, but even it makes you worry and feel embarrassed when meeting new people. With a lockdown, most companies work remotely, so you run the risk of not seeing the entire team until the restrictions end. Accordingly, all employees are afraid of getting lost in remote work, and will not be able to become part of the team that knew each other in the office. 

Here, the employer plays an important role – it is he who can introduce initiatives of interaction between old-timers of the team and newcomers to exchange experience, communicate on non-working topics and better adapt. A new employee also needs to be active, communicate, not be afraid to receive feedback about their work, and not miss events to interact with colleagues – both online and offline.

Probationary period

The result of the probationary period also depends on the correct adaptation. After all, if you are not afraid to ask questions, once again ask for a Zoom call for a more detailed explanation, take the initiative, and do not limit yourself to formal communication with the entire team, then the success of the probationary period is guaranteed to you.

After all, it is possible to find a new good job in quarantine. 

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