Thoughtful Interior Design of a Luxury Residential Cruise Ship


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The cruise ship voyaging was the fastest growing sector of the travel industry pre-pandemic. As we reopen, with strict new safety measures in place, it is expected to resume its popularity, with many world cruises for 2022 pre-selling out in days, sometimes hours. One area which is growing within this sector is the residential cruise ship. Yes, people are choosing to live and/or invest in a cruise ship as it circumnavigates the world. Well, those who can afford it anyway, as these floating homes are generally luxurious in nature. As such, there is much invested in thoughtful interior design of a luxury residential cruise ship.

One such luxury residential cruise ship leading the way in interior design is Storylines, the MV Narrative. In this article, we will take a look at the design process combining nautical elements with Swedish sophistication and Italian designed furnishings to create the ultimate my life is a holiday atmosphere for life at sea. 

Residential cruise ship interior design

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Storylines knew that in order to successfully sell residences on board a cruise ship that they would need to go above and beyond with the appeal of their floating homes. Unlike a traditional cruise ship where the design is more in line with hotel accomodation, the challenge comes from delicate balance between making the interiors environmentally appropriate, luxurious, and homely. After all, these will be people’s permanent homes, not temporary accommodation. 

For the ship’s design, Storylines engaged the services of one of the best in the industry, Michal Jackiewicz, a partner and executive project developer of Tillberg Design of Sweden. When it comes to the design of luxury dreamscapes that cruise the world’s seas, nobody does it better than Tillberg Design of Sweden. With over 50 years of experience designing some of the most impressive cruise ships and superyachts to ever float, Tillberg and Jackiewicz seemed like a natural fit for Storyline’s ambitious project. 

A delicate balance in interior design

Michal Jackiewicz has a design philosophy of: 

Function + Form + Materials, and in that order. 

The approach was also incorporated into the design of Storyline’s MV Narrative. Being on a cruise ship it was important to make the best use of space in order for the rooms to serve as fully functioning homes. Moreover, clever use of design was used to make the spaces feel larger than they are. This was achieved with light color palettes, strategic placement of mirrors and open-plan design. With the smaller residences they use Murphy beds, or pull-down wall beds, to maximise the use of space during the day while creating a comfortable sleeping space at night.

Jackowicz and his team also utilize the latest in design technology to collaborate Storylines on creating realising their vision,

 ‘Our extensive use of VR and 3D-design allows us the best communication with ship owners and potential investors in devising new experiences.’

Early purchases of these floating homes also have the added benefit of choosing from a variety of interior design palettes to suit their own taste and lifestyle. However, all residences come with Italian designed furnishings to accompany the sophisticated Swedish-nautical fusion design. Throw in crucial tech including high-speed wifi, large flat-screen TV’s, and stereo speakers built into every residence, and the end-result is truly impressive.

It’s also great to know that sustainability drives the choice of all materials, with energy-efficiency, amongst other areas also taken into account.

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About Storylines

Storylines are at the frontier of residential cruise ships. We are creating a community of global citizens who view travel as a lifestyle choice, not a vacation. To learn more about us and to see the remaining residences available visit our website and reach out with any questions. 

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