Failures and Successes of Home Decor in 2018


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Home Decor 2018

Designers are increasingly catering to our needs, and we can clearly trace the effect of social networks on décor in 2018, as there is an invisible dialogue between Internet users around the world and the best designers. The global network is gradually destroying language and cultural barriers, helping us and trendsetters in to borrow and combine the best traditions of different peoples. Thus, the art of decorating dwellings becomes interactive and globalized, while remaining fundamentally individualistic.

On the other hand, it is rather difficult to achieve a classic home look in the constantly changing landscape of home decor. In today’s post, we have set out to find out what is trendy and what isn’t in 2018.

Home Decor Successes


Maison et Objet 2018
Turning an apartment into a kind of showcase is a new trend presented at the Maison& Objet exhibition, which took place in January this year in Paris. Transparent caskets, glass boxes enable to turn an apartment into a kind of showroom and display the jewelry available instead of keeping it in home depot safes. It looks charming, but the main thing is not to overdo it.


Ethnic motives in home décor
Ethnic motives in home décor will be fashionable this summer and, most likely, will preserve the status of such for the whole year. If you have a liking for ethnic styles or you want to add a little beauty to your interior, make sure to look into this new trend.


Woven baskets and straw-mats Home Decor
Woven baskets and straw-mats do not cease to be the attributes of a really fashionable interior inspiring coziness and a desire to work or study. Speaking of the latter, we encourage you to visit this hip essay writing service called if you need some help with homework as a college student.

Back to woven baskets and straw-mats. Perhaps your apartment already has the right things to implement these design ideas. If not, go shopping, as even the mass market today can offer a stylish weaving and some nice straw-mats.


White Interior Design Living Room
Adding some whiting to the interior is a trend that gradually captures the minds of designs, and is also competing for attention among the brands that produce home products.

Negligent white spots in the decoration of the walls look attractive, create the effect of aging and are able to make your place chic on a condition you have lumber liquidators vinyl flooring, the right furniture, and accessories. The same can be said about carpets, for instance, that can be purposefully whitewashed to make an impression that they have been sitting in the attic for ages but then were suddenly rediscovered.

Home Decor Failures

Home Decor


Leather Sofa Home Decor
If previously stuffed animals and skins of impressive size were considered a symbol of prosperity and luxury, today they look not only ridiculous but frightening too (unless, of course, you have a taxidermist’s workshop in your house). Modern designers rely on artificial skins and especially use them for interior decoration in Scandinavian style rife with wood planks. Yes, horns are fashionable but only those, which are made of plaster or plastic, in the form of an art object but not as a hunting trophy.


Of course, when coming up with an interior, a certain style is taken as the basis, but the “base” here is the keyword. Interiors that do not go beyond a chosen style cause an involuntary attack of yawning. In fashion today are eclecticism and creativity. Some small hooliganism – even in the classical style – is very welcome. Play on the contrasts. Add to the classics a few industrial motifs or natural materials.


Mirror Home Decor
Mirrors went far beyond functionality purposes becoming a self-sufficient and bright decorative element. They are framed, manufactured in non-standard shapes and sizes, and serve as an effective decoration means of walls.


Neon Lighting Home Decor
Previously, neon lighting was considered a symbol of the contemporary but now, it is perceived as a thing of the past. If there is not enough light in the apartment or house, use local lighting sources, stylish and compact fixtures but not neon lighting. Edubirdie is a writing company created to help students. You can join us on Facebook here:

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