Expert Landscaping For Your Property

We would like to welcome you to Legion Landscaping of Acworth, GA. We are experts in creating transforming and enhancing your outdoor atmosphere with custom landscape design. During many years we have Knighted High-end design installation and maintenance service to many residences and Commercial areas throughout Georgia.

We are Landscaping experts that will help you increase your curb appeal. We offer different services such as Commercial Landscaping, landscaping design, Hardscape,
Sud installation and shrub installation. Landscaping your garden, the front or the back of your house and business gives it an amazing appearance that is attractive to the public eye.


If we talk about Commercial Landscaping, this is an important area, especially for business owners. We all know that the appearance of a Property can affect the way people feel and the way people look at the area. No matter what kind of service you need we are there to help. If you need detailed landscaping, routine maintenance or customer project management, we have them all.

We live now in a world where we have very busy Lifestyles that means that if you can have low maintenance as well as innovative ideas why not taking advantage of them and apply them in your business. Don´t worry about time, we will make sure your ladscaping always looks perfectly fine, no matter the season or the weather. Our commercial landscaping services include irrigation for the lawn and planting beds, pond with waterfalls, brick pavers and concrete walks landscape planting, dry-laid stone walls and retaining walls and much more. If it is Hardscape what you’re looking for you are definitely in the right place. We know how to create incredible designs in what we call today hardscapes. Whether it is the path in front of your house, a back patio or entertaining a driveway for parking or maybe just a sidewalk in front of your house, we have all the elements to transform it into a modern Hardscape design.


We also offer total solutions for your lawn and one of them is our Sod Insulation which is guaranteed to be weed and pest free. This just looks beautiful especially if it installed in front of your house. Make your house stand out from the rest. We offer different types you can choose from. We have a wide catalog of amazing prices. Our Sod installation process is professional and effective because we use very high-quality grass. Remember, we have a wide variety, we just have everything you want!

Our grass is imported and it is of high quality. We assure you will never have any problems.

After your Sod has been installed if you want to your Landscaping to be attractive. Adding shrubs and bushes is one of the best options. We have an expert team who is a specialist in matching up the new shrubs with the existing ones. It is important that both of them visually complement each other. Not only this but it is also important that they in a healthy environment. Some of the benefits of adding shrubs to your landscape would be increasing privacy through the use of Hedges, define your boundaries with the neighbors and add extra color to certain areas. This provides an attractive appearance to your property and the best of all is that its low maintenance requires little trimming or pruning during the year. No matter the landscape service you’re looking for, Legion Landscaping is here to transform your normal landscape into a unique and outstanding landscape.

Don´t hesitate, we know you have always dreamt of having beautiful landscaping in your property. This is your opportunity, call us today, get a free quote and decide on Legion Landscaping to do the job for you. Contact us today and one of our specialists will be more than glad to assist you.

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