Tips for Improving your Dubai Apartment

Regardless of how well-situated your Dubai apartment is, you might feel that there is something missing. Maybe the furniture doesn’t really catch the eye, or the paint is dull. Maybe enough light doesn’t come into the apartment or you feel as if there is a lot of empty space in the apartment. Whatever the case, you are looking for ways to change things up and bring some life into the apartment.

If you are looking to buy a new apartment which you can make your own, check services like Bayut for the best listings. Or you may want to give your existing space a makeover. Either way, there are numerous ways by which you can update the way your apartment looks.

Paint the walls of your apartment differently

Paint the walls of your apartment differently

Normally, apartments have neutral colours on the walls- something to make it easier to rent them out. However, once you have moved into the apartment, you can look towards changing things up a bit by painting the apartment. The affect of colourful walls on a home can be major and can change the mood of whoever enters it.

You can choose a lively colour such as red, pink or yellow to brighten up your living room. You could also decide to paint one wall differently from the others, arranging your furniture in such a way that the wall which has a different colour from the rest is the most prominent. Furthermore, the best part about this improvement tip is that it doesn’t need to cost too much. If you are on a budget, you can easily decide to paint the apartment yourself instead of hiring painters to do so for you thus allowing you to save money and have your apartment looking good as new.

Use wallpaper creativitely

You would be surprised by the numerous options which are available when working with wallpaper. It can be used to alter the way your apartment looks and here are some ideas for using wallpaper to improve your home.

  • In studio apartments– Anyone who has ever lived in a studio apartment knows how difficult it can be to make the space look comfortable and habitable. Wallpaper can be used to divide studio apartments into smaller areas, thus allowing you to give a homier feeling to your apartment.
  • Covering up furniture– Everyone has pieces of furniture in their house which look shabby but throwing them out isn’t an option as you still need them. Well, cover them up with some wallpaper and it’ll feel and look like you have new furniture in your home.
  • Put wallpaper on the ceiling– By ensuring that your walls are bare, you can make your apartment look quite artsy with a wallpaper on the ceiling.
  • Using wallpaper in the kitchen or bathroom– These spaces can be ignored when we are renovating our homes as people give preferences to the bedrooms or lounge. However, we use them just as much and it can be a good idea to apply wallpaper to liven them up a bit.

Grow a garden

Plants can bring beauty and a sense of peace into any surrounding. Being closer to nature is always recommended and by having a small vegetable garden on the balcony of your apartment can’t be compared to a large garden or park, it’s something. Because of the high temperatures in Dubai, it can be challenging to grow anything in the city. Because of this, most people skip over this possibility entirely. However, it is possible to grow a garden in the desert.

To do so, some research is required and knowing which plants can tolerate the high temperatures is also important. Alternatively, technology has advanced to such a degree that growing plants under LED light has also become possible, allowing people to add some greenery to their apartments.

Add a carpet or some rugs to make your apartment more comfortable

Add a carpet or some rugs to make your apartment more comfortable

Often a tiled or wooden floor can make the apartment look uninviting or cold. When you add a carpet or a pretty rug, you automatically increase the comfort level of the apartment. The best part of using this tip to improve your apartment is that you don’t have to spend too much money – a small carpet or rug can be bought at an affordable price. Naturally, rugs of the finest quality tend to be quite expensive however, you can easily find ones which aren’t that expensive and can last you a significant time.

Hanging mirrors

When looking for ways to make the apartment seem bigger than it actually is, hanging up mirrors is the way to go. Mirrors create an optical illusion which is great for the interior design in a small room. Furthermore, increasing how big the apartment looks isn’t the only benefit of hanging up a mirror instead, it can make a bare wall look perfect by choosing a mirror with an eye-catching frame.

Finding ways to improve the way our home looks is something which everyone aspires to do and by using the above-mentioned tips, you can do so without putting in too much effort or money.

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