Everything you Need to Know Before Buying a New Furnace


Your Vaughan home should be a cozy reprieve from the cold and extremes of the great outdoors. And when it comes to Canadian winters, nothing is better than walking into the warmth of the indoors, comfortably heated by a new furnace from Green Approved Solutions.

For most Vaughan residents, our furnace is out of sight and out of mind, the trusty provider of warmth that performs consistently without fail…until the day it doesn’t. When your furnace starts to fail, buying a new furnace quickly jumps up on the list of priorities. Unless you’re an Eskimo, in which case you probably have a higher tolerance for the winter chill.

Before we get into what you need to know when shopping for a new furnace, let’s quickly make sure you actually need a new furnace in the first place. After all, no one likes spending more money than they need to, and if a quick (and cost effective) repair is the better option, we’re all about helping you save that extra money for a rainy day. That’t why it would be a good idea to check out a local furnace repair contractor. There are loads of different companies that you can use to help you though, so don’t worry about your furnace breaking as you’ll easily be able to find someone to help you fix your problem. All you would simply have to do is ask around, or even just google professional Furnace repair company and you’ll be sorted in no time.

Signs you May Need to Consider Buying a New Furnace

While you should always have a professional inspect your furnace before making a final decision, Green Approved Solutions suggests a few simple things you can look for or check off the list when deciding between furnace replacement and repair.

Common Signs you May Need a New Furnace:

1. Your Furnace is Older than your Car

More specifically, if your furnace is 10-15 years of age or older, it might be time to consider a new furnace. But don’t just take our word for it, according to Consumer Reports, the average life expectancy for a furnace is 15-18 years. Energy Star also suggests replacing a furnace before it reaches 15 years of age in order to save up to 15% on your energy bills.

Further, leading up to the date at which your furnace fails, you’ll likely experience costly and more frequent repairs, making the decision to upgrade to a new furnace before you reach year 15 an option to consider.

2. Frequent Repairs

Frequent Repairs
A surefire sign of a failing and aging furnace is the need for frequent repairs. If you notice your furnace making strange or loud noises, this may also be an indication it’s not long for this world.

3. Increased Heating Bills

As your furnace ages, it becomes less efficient at heating your home or office. This manifests itself as an increase in energy bills, and nobody likes those. If your heating bills are going up without any other reason or cause, your furnace might be the problem.

Ready for a New Furnace: consider the following first

New Furnace
Ok, so you’ve determined (hopefully) with the help of an expert that you need a new furnace. But with all the options available, its likely you don’t know quite what to choose to keep your home and family comfy and cozy as the cool of autumn and winter settle in.

Expert furnace consultants at Green Approved Solutions can certainly help, but if you’re a DIY kind of person, start by considering the following…

1. The Type of Fuel your Furnace Uses

In general, it’s usually best to stick with the fuel source your previous system utilized. This saves on installation costs when the time comes. However, if you’re looking to switch things up to a different setup, you have a few options:

  • Natural Gas
  • Electric
  • Oil
  • Propane

2. High Efficiency Beats Lackluster Performance Every Time

Furnaces with high energy efficiency ratings can save you up to 40% on your energy bills. That’s a lot of extra money. Look for energy efficiency ratings of 95% or higher to get the most benefit. They can be a tad on the costlier side to start, but can end up saving you thousands over the lifespan of the unit.

3. Capacity / Output

This is one of those circumstances where “more” isn’t always better. In fact, if your furnace produces too much output you’ll overspend on energy bills and lose efficiency. If its output is too small, you’ll have trouble maintaining a consistent level of heat and the unit will be overworked trying to keep up with heating a square space in which it was not designed to handle. Our experts at Green Approved Solutions can help you figure out the perfect capacity for your home.

How Green Approved Solutions Can Help

At Green Approved Solutions, they pride themselves on quality, professionalism and good old fashioned hard work. They have decades of combined experience providing expert heating and cooling services at incredible value and fair prices that don’t break the bank.

Ready to get started? Give them a call or drop a line today! Proudly serving both commercial and residential customers in Vaughan and surrounding areas, and are available 24/7 for emergency calls.

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