Things to Look for While Choosing a Shower Head


Purpose of a shower head in the shower room is obvious. However, there are certain things that you need to consider while choosing a good shower head, as there are various types available in the market.

A good shower head will not only add comfort to your bath, but will improve your overall house value. You can impress your guests with a good showerhead as well. Another thing that you might want to consider, is getting a best shower filter for your shower, as this should help you have a better showering experience. A lot of people forget to do this, but it will help you out a lot.

Whether you choose a handheld one or a fixed shower, there are some choice criteria you have to come up with that will make your selection more intelligent.

Let us look in to top things to look in to while choosing a shower head.

Water Conservation

If water usage is your concern, this must a priority. No matter, how abundant is water, there all good reasons to save water.

If showering with lots of water is not absolutely your style, go for a water saving showerhead. If you choose a high pressure head, it will compensate the feeling of bathing with lesser water. So, make your home eco-friendly.

Natural Effect

Who doesn’t like rain?!

You can bring that in to your shower room, with a rain shower head. This will make the shower room trendy as well.

Home buyers will also look for such little luxury. If you have an existing shower room – there are many ways convert it in to a rain shower. You can take your bath experience to the next level with a rain shower head.


If you go for a good brand, that shower head should be durable than the no-name ones. However, as always this is just an assumption. Each brand create lots of models and every model will not be the most durable ones.

Choose it wisely and make sure, it is functional as you need and it does leak.

Family Priorities

Special care has to be given in choosing a shower head for the elderly. If it is meant for disabled, it need to be even cautious.

The shower head in this case has to be accessible and convenient to use.

Temperature Control

f you are giving bath to your kid, it will be nice to have better control over the temperature of water that is coming out of the shower head. You have such shower heads available in the market, go for one if this is something you would like.


Shower time is relaxation time as well. Technologies and thus, many goodies are being added to the showerheads to make sure shower times are relaxing. You will see some shower heads with color changing LED lights for chromo therapy. Sometimes, you will one with built in speakers that work with blue tooth.

These are added luxuries that you can consider while planning for your shower experience.


Shower heads come with various functions. There are many styles to choose from. Non one can recommend one, as it is purely personal taste.

You will have to choose a style that is comfortable for the long term. Almost all the showerheads will come with various head setting for changing massaging style. There are much options to go beyond that. Handheld, dual are some of the styles to consider.

Also, match it with overall look of your shower room. If you style contemporary choose one that will match it and if it is classic go for a classic style shower head.


What type of showerhead fits with the overall design of your bathroom? A vintage shower head will go with a more dated bathroom, such as one from a victorian country house. Whereas a frameless glass shower will need a more modern showerhead. Make sure you pick the right head to go with the rest of your bathroom or it will end up standing out and looking out of place.

Space Considerations

Some shower heads may cause spillage and thus making your shower room more wet than necessary. This has to be kept in mind, if you shower room is smaller.

Choose a shower head considering the space and orientation of your shower room. You will still be able to make a rain shower, fixing it from the ceiling. But a handheld one will be just convenient.


Last but not least, cost is a factor you might want to consider. You can get a good shower head in a reasonable price. If you are doing your shower room in a budget, everything will count.


Shower head may not be the most expensive item in your shower room. But it can make a great impact not only in your shower, but the entire home. Showerheads come in different functions and styles.

Choose one that will match your need. Water conservation to shower style is something you can consider while choosing your shower head. Upgrading your shower with an ecofriendly head will improve eco-friendliness of your home.

To achieve this, you don’t have to throw away lots of money. With a reasonable price you will get a good shower head. It is thus the matter of prioritizing your needs, checking what is available in the market and choose a great shower head.

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