Everything To Know Before Selecting The Right Fridge

The average life of a fridge is 12 years. After which, it is essential to replace the old fridge. The problems include

  • Water leaking on the floor
  • Ice maker is over flowing
  • Freezer is not cold enough
  • Buildup of frost in the ice dispenser
  • Sheet of ice on the freezer door
  • Unit is cycling too often
  • Warming up of fresh food compartment

The above problems are the intimations that the fridge has become old and needs replacement. Many might consider repairing option. Even if the compressor is replaced the fridge in these cases might work for another year or so. After which, it begins troubling with the same problems again.

Before replacing the fridge, one should learn about the right time to replace it. Even the best rated fridges start troubling after 9 to 10 years. Here are some of the tips to learn about the right time to replace the fridges

Type Of Fridge

Type Of Fridge

There are certain types of fridges that are expensive to repair like those of side – by – side fridges. On the other hand, built – in fridges are easy and less expensive to repair. Top and bottom freezer fridges should be replaced within 7 to 8 years.

Energy Efficiency

As the fridge becomes older, it starts consuming more power. This is because the parts become older, their rust and dust increase the power consumption for their working. Cleaning and servicing the internal parts of the fridge will increase its life span

Apart from this, the type of fridge also influences its aging. Manual defrost fridges become older fast as compared to automatic defrost fridges. This is because users often forget to defrost the fridges.

With all the above considerations when one has decided to replace the old fridge, he has to look in for the following options

Identify The Needs

Identify The Needs

  1. Space – the user might plan to put the new fridge in the new spot or on the same spot. Either way take the measurements. Measure height, depth and width. Make note of the free spaces available for opening the doors as well.
  2. Usage -Make the choice based on the number of family members. Does the family eat a lot outside? What are the pros and cons of the current appliance? Did the family overstuff the freezer?
  3. Comforts And Desires – are the extra luxury items like the ice and water dispensers necessary?
  4. Budget

Learn The Options

The Following Are The 5 Options In The Market

  1. Top – Freezer fridges – It offer wide clearance, excellent usable space ratio and are least expensive models
  2. Bottom – Freezer fridges – they help to save money, best for frequent main door users, available with lot of options and designs
  3. Side – by – side fridges – best suited for those using large freezer spaces, some even come with a small TV screen
  4. Built in fridge – best for those who have space constraints, lasts longer.
  5. Cabinet depth fridge
  6. Fridge drawers – These drawers come as additional or optional features. They can be used and removed when needed.
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