5 Top Features To Look For When You Are Buying A Home

There are so many details involved when buying a new home, but with these five pointers, a homeowner has a clear picture on which features they should consider.

1. Size Of The House

Houses in every neighborhood have various square footage dimensions for the different rooms. When you are establishing the market value, the homes surrounding a specific house is essential. When the adjacent homes are smaller than your home, they can act as a benchmark of the price appreciation of your home. If you are looking to elevate the value of your home, then the larger homes in the neighborhood can increase the resale value of a medium or small house.

2. The Home’s Kitchen

Home’s Kitchen

In most homes, the family generally gathers in the kitchen, and that is why this room has become an essential room in the home. Typically, houses with a large kitchen are more preferable, particularly when they are equipped with modern appliances. With open floor plans, the breakfast nook and dining room must be situated adjacently to the kitchen. In newer houses, the family rooms are also located close to the kitchen. An even more significant advantage is when the back yard is accessible from the kitchen as it makes room for outdoor entertaining.

3. Bathrooms And Bedrooms

The most well liked houses usually have three or four bedrooms, and such homes attract more potential buyers when it is time for reselling. A home must at least feature a minimum of two bedrooms or two and a half. Check out beautiful South East Calgary Real Estate! for houses with a bathroom in the master bedroom and a separate one for guest bedrooms.

4. Storage Space

Storage Space
Homes that feature a master bedroom with a walk-in closet is highly desirable. Homes with plenty of closet space is a huge plus, particularly cupboards for towels and linen in the bathrooms or hallways. A garage will increase the resale value of a property and a home with a two-car garage is even better. Try to search for a home where the garage is not too far from the kitchen for hauling groceries inside from the car. Laundry facilities must be situated in a convenient space on the main floor of the home without creating an eyesore.

5. Landscaping And Lot Spaces

Most of the aesthetic value of a house is linked to the structure itself, but these considerations add value as well. The lot must be as even as possible. Try to find a house with a rectangular lot and avoid lots that are oddly shaped or strangely situated. Look for a home that has a respectably sized back and front yard. Modern homes typically have smaller yard sizes than older homes. A home with overly landscaped features are generally priced higher, and you might not be able to recover that costs when you sell. Instead, opt for houses with under-landscaped or moderately landscaped features for the area. Landscaping can always be improved at a later stage by enhancing the lawn or adding trees and bushes.

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