Essentials to Consider in Hampton’s Style Home Builder

Hampton’s style houses are considered to be elegant, simplistic, and classic. The beach residences and holiday homes of the celebrities are constructed in this style. The major features of Hampton’s style homes are:

  • Crisp white and stark colors are used against pale blues or variants of grey shades.
  • Gable roofing with asphalt roof shingles.
  • Timber or timber-like walls.
  • Weatherboard or shingle for external wall cladding.
  • Stately columns at the entrance
  • Dado rails on the walls
  • Classic timber floors
  • Pendant style interior lighting
  • Bench tops with stones
  • Interior furnishings with a soft finish
  • Sheer-style window curtains and shutters etc.

If you want to bring more elegance and sophistication to your planned home alongside being cozy, then Hampton’s style is ideal to choose. Not just for the beach-side holiday homes, but this style is very popular among the families in America who want to live in classically styled homes. If you too dream for a Hampton’s style and in search of a Hampton’s style builder, here are a few things to help you out.


Details of Hampton’s style

Roofing – Cedar shingles can be ideal for Hampton’s style roofing, which will act like a raincoat too. The initial cost of western style red cedar shingles may be higher, but they are mostly maintenance free. Alternatively, one can think of a standing style seam-copper roof, Colorbond roof, a Boral type black tile roof, or slate.

Cladding: With classic white window frames, the shingles for cladding may be good looking by being either black or dark green.

Windows: The best choice is 12-pane windows or the double-hung type timber windows with French doors. The ideal Hampton’s design is to use shutters on the front part.

Balustrades: These need to be given a classy touch. The conventional models are painted white and square.


Some other exterior design considerations to make are:

  • The porch lights should be set on both sides of the external doors.
  • Square shaped and Shaker style columns to be set.
  • Eaves should feature lining boards.
  • The front door to be painted in white or glossy black.


Interior design considerations


Ceilings: Ceilings heights must be set at around 3100 mm. It is ideal to set a vaulted or coffered ceiling if space allows. An add-on to consider is a step-down to the living space.

Paneling: Ideal to use paneling for the full room or dado and entry. For wet areas ‘Axon’ boards can be used. The same can be used at ceilings and entry too.

Molding: It is one of the key elements to be considered for Hampton’s style builder by paying attention to the minute details of pillars, frieze panels, capping, and banding.”

Flooring: For coastal look, it is ideal to use light oak flooring. May use black or other deep dark shades for a more sophisticated look. Better to use tiles of natural slate.

Benchtops: To be colored white, black, or gray shades, whichever suits to the surroundings.

Painting: For typical Hampton’s design, it is ideal to use white, black, grey, or green paint for exteriors. White for the window frames and shutters to be painted black. Minimalist and elegant painting approach is the need for Hampton’s.


A good builder knowledgeable and experienced in Hampton’s style construction will help with the general aspects and put forth the best choices to make.


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