Energy efficient windows that are equally effective in fire protection is the best choice today

When you are buying a home or building it, you must pay attention to the quality and design of windows because it is an important element that adds value to the property. The same applies to commercial buildings too. Besides ensuring protection from intruders and bad weather windows also contribute to maintaining a balance of temperature between the outside and inside which helps in making homes energy efficient. Properly designed windows keep homes warm in winter and cool in summer and reduce the use of air conditioning systems which saves cost. Most importantly, modern windows like the Optimum fire-rated windows for residential and commercial buildings protect the inhabitants from fire and other natural disasters.

To stay tuned with the modern trends and best practices in contemporary architecture and building design that ensures higher safety of property, more and more people are choosing windows that are fire rated and energy efficient. In this article, you will find the reasons why you too should go that way to take care of the needs for protection from fire hazards to enhance the safety of property.

Energy efficient windows


Windows are excellent in ensuring proper ventilation in buildings, but poorly designed windows can burn holes in your pocket as it performs poorly in energy containment that affects its energy efficiency. Typically, windows are responsible for the loss of 15-22% energy at homes which results in higher energy bills because of the need to run air condition systems to make up for the lost energy.

Older windows are less energy efficient and replacing it with windows with low e-coating can help to improve energy efficiency that is 30% – 50% more efficient in conserving energy. By using some standard estimates, the improved energy efficiency translates into $126 to $465 every year towards lower energy bills. Replacing single pane windows and poorly sealed doors with energy efficient windows and doors is thus a necessity today.

Thermally broken steel windows are highly energy efficient and offer more safety and more savings in terms of lower energy bills.

Fire rated windows

You might have heard of fire rated windows but not clear about what it means. These are windows rated for fire safety and features special glass that can withstand the high temperature of fire for some specified period.  Typically, steel windows with fire-resistant glazing constitute fire rated windows. These windows prevent the fire from spreading that saves homes and commercial property and protects the inhabitants from injuries that can happen with ordinary glass that breaks due to heat from fire. Considering that there are 1.24 million fires in the US every year, the demand for fire resistant windows is increasing.

For families and workers, fire safety is just as much important as energy efficiency which is why it makes good sense to install high-quality fire rated windows that offers added protection to any building.

Installing high-quality windows will ensure that it meets both the requirements and although the initial cost is high, the payback is much more than justifies the price.

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