Essential Roof Maintenance Tips for Autumn

Autumn is nearly amongst us, which for many of us it means leaving the exterior of our house unattended, but the truth is when it comes to roofing it is an extremely important time to make sure roof maintenance is being undertaken.

Check out these essential autumn roof maintenance tips from a team of roofers in Coventry

Keep your gutters clean and make sure they are fully functioning.

Without a fully functioning guttering system your roof would become a mini waterfall, not like that doesn’t sound fun, but it’s not ideal when stepping out the house to be soaked in your very own Niagara Falls!

Gutters are tested to their limits during the autumn months largely due to falling leaves, branches and other debris, if left unattended this can lead to costly repairs which could have easily been avoided.

When it comes to roofing maintenance, RBS Roofing is the best in the industry.

The things to consider are:

  • Clear away any loose leaves: Its time to make use of your garden ladder and clear out the debris that is clogging up the gutters and downpipes. Ensure the ladder is placed securely without it rocking. If you can get an extra pair of hands to hold the ladder for you that would be even better!
  • Check the placement of your gutters: A gutter that is installed correctly should be angled slightly towards the downpipe; this will prevent any issues with the flow and drainage of water. You can be test this after you have cleared the gutters out by using a hose to see how freely the water runs and whether you have any standing water.
  • Ensure there is no leaks or damage: When spraying the gutters with a hose check to see if you can see any water leaks, this can usually occur near the joints of the fixtures. Also ensure any fixtures holding the guttering and down pipes are secured correctly.


  • Cut away branches: Make sure you have cut away any branches near your roof, not only will this prevent leaves from clogging up your gutters but it will also prevent your roof from occurring more serious damage to the tiles and structure from heavy branches crashing down on to your roof.

Although some people might consider this a chore, it is the one tip that’s the most important with regards to preventing expensive repair costs.

  • General inspection: It is always a good idea to inspect your entire roof whilst ensuring the above tips have been done.

Start off by making sure there are no loose, missing or broken tiles. Step as far back as possible so the whole roof is visible, it may be a good idea to invest in some binoculars so you can really get a detailed look of the roof.

Felt is situated under your roof tiles and is not easy to inspect from the outside. So the best way to check if the felt is still in good condition without any holes or damage is to inspect it internally through the attic. By popping your head into the attic during the day, and without any lights on will allow you to scan the area for any light beams. If you spot any beams of light you know you have a hole and this will need repairing ASAP.
General inspection
The last general roofing tip is to check the ceilings on your top floor. Look for wet marks or discolouration; this is often an indication of a roofing leak.

If after doing all the above roof maintenance tips you find any issues, then get in contact with Coventry Roofers, they specialise in re-roofs and repairs.

Try to make it a regular habit of inspecting your roof, as it’s always best to catch a small issue before it becomes a big issue!

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