Taking A Look At CBD Oil For Dogs And Cats

I was fortunate enough to meet 2 amazing gentlemen who owned and ran a dog ‘daycare’ for city business people who wanted their pets to have the finer things in life but also to see the countryside, and this is where they came in.

The staff that worked for them would fetch each dog from their homes in the city, load them into sectioned, air-conditioned vans and drive them to their acres upon acres of country farmlands. Each field had a dedicated team that specialized in puppy training to agility to simple beginner’s obedience, and it was a joy to watch each day.

At the end of the day, if they weren’t staying overnight, as they did offer housing facilities for when the owners went on holiday or were having a dinner party, they loaded them up and took them back to the city. This happened each day without fail and with much success.

Who knew looking after cute puppies would be fun as well as make you money, hats off to them I always said.

Now then.

One day while preparing lunch for them (I was their P.A slash housekeeper slash private chef) I overheard them chatting about some of the older dogs looking a bit worse for wear out in the grass.

Trevor was pacing up and down the dramatic personality out of the 2, while Roy sat calmly and tried to think of all possible solutions to make their lives that much better and comfortable. For my family and I, we have used CBD oil and products for a couple of years already, including adding it to our dog’s diet, Hulk, I knew the benefits it could offer them, so I said my 2cents worth.
Now then.

They listened skeptically of course because like me they hear the word marijuana and are immediately put off. Of course, CBD comes from the hemp plant and flower which is a distant cousin of the cannabis plant marijuana, except that it contains no or less than 0.3% of the hallucinogenic component THC. (Read about it here https://www.livescience.com/24553-what-is-thc.html for a quick lesson.)

After ‘another’ cup of coffee, a few videos, and further educating them on this wonder ingredient they decided to at least give it a go, they had no other ideas at present so what had they got to lose? We ordered a few products online for both them and the dogs and when it arrived they were pleasantly surprised at how professional this ‘green leaf’ product appeared.

A few weeks later.

It just so happened that I had a vacation planned as they embarked on this journey, so being thrown into the deep end was their reality check, it was hilarious due to their nervousness but I knew all too well book smart Roy would be researching and writing down facts till all hours of the morning.

When I came back they looked like they had been to a spa for a month and had every treatment under the sun, they were relaxed, glowing almost with a great sense of well-being, and were raving about how their knees and backs no longer ached.

There are so many health benefits for us humans, click this link to learn more, but giving this quality of life to your pets is a blessing in itself.

We all know they have an unconditional love which they pour onto us the moment we arrive home and sit and listen for hours to our moans and groans of the workweek and colleagues, this is a small token of appreciation I’d say.

Apart from this, visiting this site would be of great help if you are in the search of the best cbd oil for dogs.

A changed canine.

Roy had done his homework like I thought he would and had become an avid CBD shopper. Baking up a storm of CBD edibles and CBD treats for dogs on the farm, they said they couldn’t believe the difference a few drops dosage each day had made.
A changed canine.
To see what is available in terms of product range, visit pethempcompany and browse the options which would soon be adorned on your pantry shelf.

The ‘old boys’ were back to running and chasing and weren’t slumped to the side in pain as it had become a few weeks ago. The vet noticed a change too saying there was no swelling, inflammation, and the dogs showed no signs of discomfort.

Let’s just say my employee Christmas basket that year wasn’t short of treats.

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