Unicorn Themed Birthday Party Ideas

One of the most important aspects of celebrating any special occasion is making it a memorable one. Being memorable requires some creativity in choosing the most remarkable theme for the best kids birthday parties. The most popular mythical animal nowadays is the unicorn, which is a favorite creature for many children and adults. It’s often described as a white like-horse animal with a horn.

Magical Unicorn Decorations

Magical Unicorn Decorations

I would like to mention some of the must-get decorations that give a magical spark on a birthday. These include:

  • a unicorn-themed Happy Birthday banner
  • flags
  • hats and horns
  • paper fans
  • balloons
  • selfie props
  • straws
  • a set of plates, spoons, forks, and cups
  • and unicorn tableware
  • These items are all designed with pink, white, and baby blue colors for consistency with rainbow designs.

Dazzling unicorn outfits

For a unique experience, I go for dazzling outfits that match my theme exactly. How is this possible?

There are endless outfits that are unicorn-themed. They can be charming dresses with the theme’s color for girls or can be a unicorn costume with a horn instead of a crown for boys. Moreover, there are various creative outfit ideas if I have no time to buy a costume or a dress. Some of these ideas are the use of white shirts with colorful, puffy skirts or using ribbons with rainbow colors.

My unicorn-themed invitations!

Magical Unicorn Decorations
Choosing the perfect unicorn invitations are necessary since an invitation is considered the first impression of any occasion, and that is the main reason to care the most about designing any invitation. I can always choose between different styles in my themed invitations from the simplest to the most complex ones.

Aspects to think about include whether I want to add a photo or graphics, design a 2D or a 3D card, online, or a paper invitation. It is crucial to mention the outfit theme, time, and activities flow of the day so that the guests get a clear view of the whole event. A sweet title can add some excitement to the invitation which can trigger the guest’s feelings of curiosity and attentiveness.

My top birthday games and activities

Some games and activities can be unicorn-themed creatively, some of which to keep in mind are:
My top birthday games and activities

1- Prize walk

How to play the game?

This game is one of the most popular birthday games, where we play some music and have the children walk around a circle of numbered charts stuck on the ground. Instruct them to stand on a number when the music stops. If their number is picked up from the basket, they will win a prize.

This game can be unicorn-themed by naming the winner “King/Queen of Unicorns” and to let the winner wear a horn.

2- Balloon Bursts

How to play the game?

Write some challenges on chits of paper that are unicorn-themed with pink, blue, and white colors. Insert them into different balloons before inflating them. The kids will have to bop the balloon in the air for as long as the music is playing. When the music stops, the person who was the last to touch the balloon has to pop it and perform the challenge within it. We can get creative with our challenges for creating the most fun time by asking children to do a unicorn dance, sing a unicorn song, etc.

3- Pin the horn on the unicorn!

Instead of well-known “Pin the tail on the horse” game, why don’t we use “Pin the horn on the unicorn” to be a unicorn-themed one?

How to play the game?

Put up a picture of a unicorn without a horn. Ask the kids to line-up some distance away and give each of them a horn with their name on it. Blindfold each kid, point them in the direction of the picture, and ask them to pin the horn as accurately as possible. Select the kid who pinned the horn closest to the unicorn as the winner.

My Unicorn Cake!

Baking a unicorn-themed cake is the cherry on top of an exceptional birthday celebration. It can add a satisfying feeling and a lovely gesture for an unforgettable birthday.

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