Essential Factors To Consider Before Purchasing An Electric Car

The market share for electric cars saw a 63.33% rise in 2018, according to the Alliance of Auto Manufacturers. Although electric vehicles have been in existence since the 1920s, the momentum surrounding them began in the 1990s. These cars are available in hybrids and pure electric. Today, electric cars are marketed as a new and exciting design to attract the young and more class-conscious generation. The vehicles are made with the latest technologies and made to be environmentally friendly. Like any other purchase, there are some factors you need to consider before buying an electric car. They include:

Charging Points

Charging Points

The ease in charging an electric vehicle makes owning it more convenient. Before purchasing an electric car, ensure that you can access charging points both in public and also at home. It is also vital that you have a garage or off-street parking. Owning an electric car might not be convenient if you only have access to on-street parking.

There are two options of charging your car at home; charging using the ordinary home outlet of 120V or an upgraded home circuit with 240V. DC fast charging is also available but only for charging on-the-go. The regular home outlet does not require additional modifications, uses an ordinary wall outlet but slower. It is suitable for owners who use their cars for smaller ranges or who do not drive their cars regularly. The upgraded home circuit requires anew dedicated circuit and charger much faster.

Some companies like Tesla have their designated public charging points. However, there are many public charging points. You might find these stations near your school, workplace, or other everyday destinations. Locating these places is vital.

Maintenance Needs

Electric cars are more straightforward than conventional vehicles. They have fewer movable parts, and the chances of failure are seldom. It is, therefore, easier to maintain an electric car. The only thing that is complex about an electric car is the battery technology, but that is solved through battery leasing schemes and smart management software.

Owners of electric cars do not have to worry about changing the oil, changing fuel filters, and replacing spark plugs. However, they ought to service the motor, check the fluids, take care of the battery, balance and realign the tires regularly, and monitor the brakes.
Maintenance Needs

The Issues Associated With The Cold Weather

The cold is not kind to electric cars. The lithium batteries used in the vehicles do not function well in the cold; it makes them less efficient and consumes the available charge much faster. It also limits regenerative braking, and fast charging is eliminated to protect the battery. Using the cabin heater during the cold season also affects the range negatively. Storing your car in the garage and preheating the cabin when it is still attached to the mains helps to maintain the range. Ensure that you always have about 20% charge as well.

Due to more companies manufacturing electric cars, they are now readily available and affordable. You need to decide whether they will fit into your driving habits.

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