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Embroidery Curtain Ideas for Home

Embroidery Curtain Ideas for Home

Embroidered curtains are an excellent way to add beauty and glamour to your home. They are easy to make and maintain, don’t require much time, and you can adjust them to match your needs.

If you’ve always wanted to have embroidered curtains but can’t find the perfect embroidery designs for your curtains and home, you will find some great options here that feature everything from basic to complex designs.

Easy Beginner’s Bee Embroidery pattern

Curtain embroidery designs don’t have to be complex to be attractive. As long as you pair the right curtains with the right embroidery design, the results will be impressive.

This easy beginner’s bee design is perfect if you have basic embroidery skills but want to incorporate a little bit of color to your curtains.
Easy Beginner’s Bee Embroidery pattern

The best thing about this design is that it’s hard to get anything wrong. It’s simple yet elegant, and you can have it whipped up in a short time.

Holiday Santa Embroidery Pattern

Welcome the Christmas spirit with a Holiday Santa embroidery pattern on your curtains. It’s an excellent way to add some Christmas decorations to your home in addition to the dashing lights and wall hangings.

The holiday Santa design incorporates the right amount of colors to keep it interesting without making it overly difficult for embroiders of all levels to complete the design.

You also get plenty of room to customize and improve on the design, which is always a good thing. In addition to embroidering the design on your curtains, you can also do it on your towels and other materials as gifts.

Veggie Embroidery Pattern

If you love gardening and looking for ways to merge your passion for gardening with embroidery, you’ll find this design quite the inspiration.
Veggie Embroidery Pattern
The veggie embroidery design is derived from the stem and leaves of vegetable plants. A quick glance shows you how much potential and range this design has to offer. Some of the easiest options to try out are the carrot and tulip leaves.

This design works best as bordering for your curtain, though with a little creativity, you can utilize the entire space on your curtains.

Honey Comb Embroidery Design

If you liked the first design we recommended but wished it had a little more details to it but just as easy to make, you would love the honeycomb embroidery design for your curtains.

It’s a simple, color-filled, and mesmerizing design, especially when you add it to yellow or gold-colored curtains.
Honey Comb Embroidery Design
It has excellent detail but easy to execute, and with the right skills, you can take the design in many creative directions depending on the finish you want.

You can have the design pinned to the corners and edges of your curtains or for that depth effect, have it on the entire curtain. With this one, it’s hard to go wrong.

Fall Leaf Embroidery Pattern

Fall leaf designs are timeless, classic, and elegant. The design is highly customizable with numerous colors and embroidering combinations that you can use to pull off the right look.

Whether you’re looking for a season-appropriate design or simply chasing a simple, minimalist, but impactful option, the fall leaf embroidery pattern will fit all your curtains. You can work the design on curtains of various colors and materials by adjusting the color combinations.
Fall Leaf Embroidery Pattern

Monogram Embroidery Design

Monogram designs are fail-safe, versatile, and most importantly, easy to make. With monogram embroidery curtain designs, your imagination and creativity are your only limiting factors.

You can decide to have the monogram as an initial of your name or any other letter of significance to you, have a fruit, or work in other meaningful symbols.

With monogram embroidery, it’s not only about bringing class and design into your home using curtains but also adding some meaningfulness.
Monogram Embroidery Design

Lace Embroidery Designs

When you want to pull all the stops to give your curtains a heavenly finish that will wow your guests, lace embroidery designs are the best. With lace designs, there is little room for error, but the intricate designs come together when complete to add a dashing look that captures attention.

There are tons of lace embroidery designs for curtains that you can look at differing in design and complexity. If you’re just starting, you start with a simple pattern and work your way up.


Are you looking to spice up your curtains by adding some color and design? Look no further than embroidery, and these embroidery curtain options have you covered. You have everything from simple, holiday-inspired designs to meaningful options as well as superb and complex designs that you can use to show off your embroidery skills.

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