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With the climate crisis continuing to mount, the design world will undoubtedly focus on sustainability in the new year. And no doubt, many of us will be doing a bit of DIY over the coming weeks. Whether it’s sprucing up the garden, giving the walls a lick of paint or a complete interior overhaul. But it’s the finishing touches that really count and increasingly, people are making more conscious decisions about the way they decorate their home. 

Eco-friendly interior design focuses on improving indoor air quality as well as reducing the impact that furniture/decor purchases have on the environment. As a result, they contribute to lower air pollution in the environment and reduce the risk of health problems.

There are hundreds of new eco-friendly home furnishings and interiors to choose from. It could be your bedding to your choice of candles. But it may surprise you to know that even blinds can also be eco-friendly too.

Sustainable living

We are already buying sustainable clothes and food …so why not home decor too? 

Sustainable living

  • Eco-friendly blinds

That’s right. These stunning blinds are made with 100% recycled fabric from plastic waste so you can contribute to fight against plastic pollution. You can block out unwanted light even in the summer with the right quality of blinds. It’s not only about changing the way that designs are created but also about the materials that they use too.

  • Sugar cane

If there is an interior design trend that has dominated homes for a while, it’s definitely cane. And it’s here to stay. The process of cane weaving is one of the oldest techniques in craft. To create cane furniture, rattan is harvested in a sustainable manner and its bark is cut into fine strips and woven into patterns and designs for furniture pieces.

  • Houseplants

Houseplants have become essential in home interiors and have become something we can nurture indoors, bringing the outside in. Calming colours in earthy shades that take us back to nature. This warm, natural tone is the perfect base to add sage green (which we are seeing a lot of this year too, especially in kitchens), palest pink and inky blues. Earth colours are empowering, and are said to give us the courage to embrace change. It’s the perfect shade for any room in the house and makes this bedroom feel like the perfect sanctuary from the world.

Go home

  • Flat pack

Sustainable design is a term that’s thrown around a lot at the moment within interiors. It may surprise you to read that flat pack furniture with its short term reputation, which often gets a bad rap, is at the forefront of interior design, particularly now the with the importance of sustainability and longevity that it offers.

  • Upcycling

In efforts to reduce waste polluting the ocean and other negative impacts that excess consumption can have on the environment, companies are coming up with innovative ways to empower consumers looking to make ethical purchase decisions. Now is the perfect opportunity to put your upcycling skills to the test. It could be re-vamping an outdoor bench, ready for the spring or giving those dining room chairs a new look. This eco-friendly trend has seen a boom, and it’s here to last!

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