Best Interior Design Ideas to Brighten Up Children’s Rooms


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Although children’s bedrooms should be a little haven of light and happiness for the kids to enjoy, not all homes automatically lend themselves to that sort of open feel. If your home is older construction in particular, you may feel that your child’s room is lacking true kids room wallpaper, feels a little dark and in general could use some updating. As you start your search for how to install removable wallpaper, how to keep toys organized and other tips for upgrading your child’s room, you may want to consider implementing some of these interior design ideas to help brighten up your child’s bedroom.

Opt for Light Colors Throughout, From Furniture to Décor

If your child’s furniture is all dark and drab, that alone can drag down the feel of the room. When it works for your family budget, you may want to consider picking up a few lighter pieces of décor and furniture to arrange throughout the room. Some key pieces to consider in lighter shades are:

  • A bedspread
  • A mini couch
  • Curtains
  • Paintings for the walls

Add Colorful Wallpaper With Your Child’s Favorite Designs

Your child more than likely has TV characters or other designs and emblems that they love, so why not make them happy while brightening up the room by adding some light pink wallpaper? Of course, you can choose whatever color they love, but opting for a lighter color can really help the space feel more open and airy. By picking a colorful design with fun emblems, you can give the room a cheery, lighthearted feel.

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Play With Mirrors and Lighting To Brighten Up the Space

If light furniture and colorful wallpaper still aren’t quite doing the trick, you can try playing with mirrors and lighting to brighten up the room in the way you want. For example, a strategically placed mirror on one wall can automatically make the room feel significantly larger. As a bonus, your child is sure to enjoy plenty of time singing karaoke in the mirror for fun! Lighting can make a big difference to how the area feels, too, so you might want to consider swapping out blackout curtains for light blinds and keeping windows open or exposed during the day to let in as much natural light as possible. Don’t forget that you can also always switch to different light bulbs to enhance brightness as well.

Your child’s room should be an oasis of lighthearted fun and goodness that they can enjoy and relax in, and the interior design of the room should reflect that fact. Unfortunately, not all houses come with particularly open designs. Older homes in particular tend to feel a bit more closed-in and darker. However, you can easily brighten up your kids’ rooms with some strategic interior design choices, ranging from adding in light-colored furniture to putting in some wallpaper that pops to changing out the curtains. Your child is sure to appreciate the cheery new feel, and you’ll love the bright new look of your home as well.

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