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Does Your House Look Shabby? Try These Quick Fixes

Your home is your comfort, sanctuary, and your fortress. You can travel the world and see different places, but there’s nothing like the comfort of your home. There’s a great deal of personalization when it comes to your house. It’s comfortable and appealing because you and your family made it that way.

A viable way to add comfort to your house is to make it aesthetically pleasing. Sure, you could feel at home in a slightly run-down fixer-upper. But there’s no denying that perfect design and aesthetics can help change the place for the better. A shabby house and a well-done house may essentially give you the same security, protection, and a place to call your own. But the difference between the two is the level of comfort and pleasure you derive from the house. 

If you feel that your house is lacking and falling a bit on the shabby side, it’s time to make some changes. Try these quick fixes and see how the place changes for the better.

Work with the flooring 

One of the main reasons that houses look shabby and unimpressive is because the flooring is worn out. If you have old carpets or dull tiles, the room’s outlook isn’t going to shine any time soon. The floors have a way of bringing an entire room together and adding a fair amount of elevation to the environment. 

However, tearing open the floor will unearth surface issues such as an unparallel floor, rigid surface, and even debris. After removing the floor tiles, you’ll have to make the floor clean, parallel, and smooth so the new flooring system can easily bond with the concrete base. If you don’t get rid of any adhesive material stuck to the floor or the surface rigidness, it can severely affect the durability of the new floor being installed. So, trust us when we say this, you can’t work on these things yourself as it requires proper equipment and tools. You will need to reach out to professionals who provide Concrete Grinding services. You can then sit back and watch them work their magic.

Once that is done, they will even remove the trash and dust caused by the whole process. In no time, your floor will have a new life breathed into it.

Let nature do the talking

Let nature do the talking

Suppose you feel that the place is starting to look a bit drab and dull, bring in some color; what better color to use than nature’s fresh shade of green. A strategically placed set of plants in the house can change the dynamic of a room.

Not only do plants bring a great deal of aesthetic appeal to the room, but the health and mental benefits can be extraordinary. Plants are a relatively low-cost way of having the place’s ambiance shine and speak for itself. If you aren’t sure which plants to get, go for a variety of cactus. They go with just about anything and give a modern-chic yet natural vibe to the whole place. Just make sure you get neutral-colored pots/ bases so that the plants don’t ruin the room’s theme. 


After residing in a place for far too long, you may not notice what clutter looks like anymore. We become somewhat desensitized to mess if it’s been part of our houses for too long. If you can’t see it for yourself, get in a trusted friend who will give you their honest opinion on de-cluttering the place and making it look less shabby.

Once you remove the clutter, do a deep clean, set everything in an orderly fashion, and bring out the room’s aesthetics. 

Upgrade the furniture

There are two fundamental principles for upgrading furniture; shop on a budget and stick with a theme. 

Furniture can be rather expensive; therefore, it isn’t mainly a quick fix unless you have a big budget and are willing to spend all at once. If you can buy multiple pieces of furniture and completely revamp the room, there isn’t a better way to update a dull house.

When you do buy furniture, make sure it goes with the rest of the room. Not only do you have to keep the theme in mind but the style of the room as well. Try not to mix modern with traditional. The blend seldomly works out. 

Toss in a rug

When you enter a room, your eyes look to the middle level, then down, and then upwards. Therefore, it would be wise to create a floor arrangement with the rest of the room. We talked about how vital the floors are to bringing a room together, that’s true, but what if we told you that you could further accent the floors and make them better.

Toss in a chic well-placed rug, and voila, your room just got better. A themed carpet that goes well with your furniture yet still subtly stands out is what it’s all about. Find the perfect rug, drape it strategically across the floor and watch how the entire room radiates new energy.

Toss in a rug

Repaint when you want to, not when you have to

A grave mistake we make is waiting till our walls look dreary and dilapidated to repaint them. Also, avoid letting your walls get water damaged, scribbles, and stains before you repaint the place. It gives off an extremely unattractive and shabby vibe to the house.

It would help if you repainted the walls whenever you feel like it. Painting is one of the most cost-effective ways of decreasing the overall shabbiness of a house. Find a color that goes with the theme, paint the walls, and notice how much better the place looks. 

Light it up

Perhaps the essential aspect of a room is its lighting. The way you light up the place can seriously change the overall charm of the room. It would help if you worked with well-placed lamps, lights, and strobes to make for a classy look.

Moreover, ensure that you aren’t working with white lights. Not only do they look outdated, but they have a significantly dull vibe to them. Warm yellow-tinted lights are considerably better. They look better and have a positive effect on your mood, and can mimic natural light. 


Interior design isn’t for everyone; you need to have an eye for these things and some training. If you want to revamp your place but don’t think you have the aesthetic skills, consider hiring a designer or look online for inspiration. 

Consider the quick fixes above to create a well-rounded and comfortable home. No one wants to live in a shabby house, and now you don’t have to either. Follow these tips and watch how things change.

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