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Home Maintenance Chores You Want To Wrap Up Before It Gets Too Hot

Here come sultry summer days and along with them the beckoning of the necessary home maintenance. Are you tempted to lose yourself in the easy living of long summer days and the thrill of the warm barbeque nights? Well, you’re not alone in that regard! 

Honestly, most of us would instead enjoy a lazy day reading by the pool than sweat through the usual maintenance tasks. Still, relaxing summertime shouldn’t equal neglect for your lovely home. You can spend your entire summer lounging carelessly if you wrap up the maintenance in the beginning. For that purpose, this article aims to provide a summer maintenance checklist for all the essential chores.

Following is the ultimate list containing the maintenance tasks that every intelligent homeowner should look into as we approach the hotter seasons:

Reverse ceiling fans

Here’s a secret tip that homeowners rarely know. Before summer starts, it’s best to reverse the direction of the home’s ceiling fans so that they move anti-clockwise. When switched, the fans can provide a cool breeze inside your home by pushing the air straight down. 

To get started, turn off the fan and wait till the blades come to a halt. Then, locate the direction switch which lies on the fan’s side using a tool or ladder. Lastly, flip the switch in the opposite direction, and voila!

Check and clean gutters

Another essential on the summer home maintenance checklist is checking the condition of the home’s gutters. Besides sustaining damage from the harsh winters, gutters can also accumulate a considerable amount of dust and debris, including fallen leaves.

Moreover, a home’s gutters are directly related to its water issues. For instance, a clogged or broken drain won’t function properly, resulting in internal water problems. If you’re struggling to deal with such issues on your own, hiring professionals like Total Restoration of Texas may help. They should be your go-to option if you’re living in the Greater Austin area.

Once it’s established that the gutters are in a functioning condition and without damage, try ensuring they are appropriately connected. Additionally, try getting a good look at your gutter downspout while reviewing your home’s gutters.

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Bring out the grill

Most people would be brought to shame if asked about the last time they cleaned their cast iron pan or grill. For most homeowners, it’s safe to assume that it’s been a while. So, if you want to be at your top game during the upcoming barbeque season, it’s best to clean and scrub down your grill beforehand.

Clear out the air conditioner filter

What does it truly mean to be “cool for the summer”? We may never know, but it could have something to do with this tip. Most air conditioners come with filters that require fortnightly cleaning. And when running during higher temperatures, frequently cleaning becomes essential than ever. To clean an air conditioner’s dust filter, use a vacuum cleaner or wash it with warm soapy water. For newer models, the built-in self-cleaning function would be enough for the job.

Inspect smoke alarms

Another essential summer maintenance chore is checking a property’s carbon monoxide levels and smoke detectors. However, homeowners should conduct these checks regularly throughout the year to ensure the house’s safety and its residents’ health remain uncompromised. Start by seeing if they can quickly and effectively detect any issues, have enough battery juice, and function properly.

Clean out windows and screens

Most homeowners slack when it comes to cleaning their windows. And so, there’s no better opportunity than summer maintenance to clean or replace your musty-looking windows, shutters, and screens. First things first, get a bucket and fill it with some warm soapy water. Then, use that saved up elbow grease and give everything a good scrubbing. For the homeowners who wash their windows once or twice annually, glass cleaners might do the trick too. However, most glass surfaces can appear good as new with some a sponge and soapy water. 

Remember to wash your window screens along with the windows, as your home’s exterior appearance will be unaffected if you miss out on either one.

Paint a little

Since most people prefer spending a big chunk of their summertime in the outdoors, it might benefit homeowners to check, clean, and revamp their home’s exterior. And if painting isn’t on one’s DIY list, they can employ professionals for repainting or touching up the house. Your property can appear more lively and attractive with a fresh coat of paint.

Prepare the patio/deck

Some people reserve their deck or patio to enjoy brunch with family. In contrast, others may prefer snuggling up on the lawn sofa, alone with their thoughts and a warm cuppa. Irrespective of personal preferences, few things come close to the appeal of sitting outside. Hence, it’s crucial to ensure that your home’s patio/deck is clean and in its best shape during the summer. Preparing the deck or patio may entail checking for any chipping or cracks, washing the surface, or hosing down the whole exterior altogether.

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Freshen up the exterior

Besides painting, pressure washing is also an incredible way to enhance your home’s exterior. It is the perfect little maintenance chore for adding a little vibrance to your home. Don’t forget to take proper safety precautions and wear the necessary protective gear before using the pressure washer. Also, remember to avoid aiming it at other people. Once you’ve prepped yourself for the task, start the device and get cleaning! No personal pressure washer? No problem. One can always look up local cleaning businesses providing such services.

Maintain your landscape

One last maintenance chore before you cherish the golden sunshine and blooming begonias is updating your yard’s landscape. A well-maintained landscape can be wonderous for your property’s overall value and look. Homeowners can improve their landscape by simply mowing and fertilizing the lawn, have a tree trimming service in Spring Hill FL trim the trees and shrubs, and take out weeds. 

Moreover, review the landscape’s grading or leveling to ensure it matches the house’s foundation. And ascertain that water grading drains away from the property to avoid water damage to your basement.

Final thoughts

Usually, summers are synonymous with unwinding and vacationing far away from daily responsibilities. But before enjoying summer in full swing, homeowners must take care of some essential home maintenance chores. This article discussed such tasks, including cleaning the grill, checking the smoke detectors, and pressure washing the exterior. Doing these simple chores can improve and sustain your home’s current condition. Whereas avoiding them can worsen a property’s existing condition, negatively affect its curb appeal, and lead to higher maintenance or selling costs in the future.

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