Do You Really Need an EUrail Pass When Travelling to Europe by Train

Europe is a fascinating continent. The scenery is fantastic, the weather diverse, different languages are spoken and there are a wealth of activities and adventures to be had. There is something for everyone, shopping, cultural experiences, gastronomic experiences, museums, spas, scenery, walks and so much more. Transport links around Europe are excellent and a favoured method of travel is by train. The train allows a flexible approach to travel and allows the traveller to visit many of the cities within a short space of time and in a hassle free way. If you consider road travel, the delays, the busy peak times, having to negotiate unfamiliar cities and find a place to park, the thought itself never mind the drive can be daunting. Airports are often well out of the major cities and the time involved with air travel and the stresses associated with it make it a less attractive option when considering visiting or touring Europe.

Trains offer a flexible option for the traveller if used properly. European trains are comfortable and fast.

There are a variety of options available to purchase your train tickets. You can opt to pay for single journey tickets but if you are planning several train journeys, this can be an expensive and inflexible way to travel. Another option would be to use the EUrail pass. Are EUrail passes worth the Money? This pass affords a great deal of flexibility as it allows the traveller to use multiple trains often without reservation in the one day. You can travel at any time of the day without restriction.

The cost of your pass will vary according to the length of time you require it for, it is priced according to the number of days of travel you would wish to have within a specified period of time, whether you are an adult or a child or a senior citizen and whether you wish a first or second class option.
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The pass allows you to change your mind about your journey so if you are particularly enjoying a destination, you can choose to stay longer. Train travel is a good way to meet others and it is often in the course of a conversation that you discover a travel destination or attraction that you have not considered. The pass allows you the flexibility to move your planned agenda.

You have to decide if a pass is going to be worth your while and to do that, you would have to cost your journeys. Single journey options can be purchased more cheaply at off peak times and also cheaper options can be accessed if you are prepared to plan ahead and fix yourself to a specific time and date. For multiple journeys, the pass does offer excellent value for money. It affords flexibility and it also offers discounts on ferries and city attractions. Some people combine the pass with single journey options as they look to make their trip the most cost effective.

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