Top Five Best Drum Sanders

First of all, we will begin by telling you what a Drum Sander is and what it is for so that you can then know how to choose a Drum Sander.

The Drum Sander is used for quick, clean and straightforward sanding of various types of materials, especially wood, designed for flat and wide surfaces. It has an electric motor that spins two drums that mount sandpaper that oscillates at high speed. The drum sanders are the powerful tool with disposable abrasive sheets that sand wood flooring to a smooth, dazzling finish.

How to choose Drum Sander?

The market offers a wide variety of solutions-oriented to our needs. What stands out mainly of one or the other is its size and by extension its power. It will depend on the work we have to carry out and the more or less intensive use that we are going to give it.

With a wide range of drum sanders, choose one with the right power for your project.

1.Belt-Disc Sander:

Belt-Disc Sander

As the name suggests, the belt-disc sander is a highly versatile sanding tool combined with both disc and belt in one machine. It is one of the modern and more powerful sanders that comes with both the features belt and disc known for a variety of uses. Belt-disc sanders are often large heavy machines with a sturdy base to prevent vibrations.

These are the best suited for heavy duty and large projects. The more common advantage of these types of the sander is their varnishing and removing hardened glue or rust and also smoothening patches on wooden workpieces.

2.Drum Sander:

The drum sander is a unique and versatile tool that will be useful for everything from smoothing narrow strips to wide boards. It helps to produce consistent thickness and can ease various material sizes. Drum sanders are also great for maintaining clean square edges and handles both small and large boards very efficiently.
You can choose the several variations of the drum sanders, but the most common type is a single drum with open end design which has little more space and the more powerful single drum models with closed ends.

3.Belt Sander:

Belt Sander
When you want a heavy-duty sander to sand flat surfaces, then belt can be the best option you choose. Belt sanders are the most common type of senders used by the many professional woodworkers due to its result oriented work. Belt sanders are featured with a section of sandpaper that is in most cases 3 4 inches wide stretched over the roller and can tackle larger sanding projects quickly.

4.Oscillating Spindle Sander:

Oscillating spindle sanders are the best known for sanding curves and other unique shapes and angles. These sanders are also used for sharpening and polishing applications with the right abrasive cover, you can also use them to sand metal. It is a fast and accurate sanding machine, they can also be portable and easy to move from one job site to the other.

5.Random Orbital Sander:

Random Orbital Sander
Random orbital sanders are the most popular sander used by professional woodworkers due to their versatility and flexibility of work. It is so flexible and relatively more comfortable to use than most other types of sanders, and they often act as a bond between the belt and orbital sanders. It will also allow you to work on hard and awkward spots and reach to the corners with ease. Its orbital actions allow fast and clean sanding with no scratches or swirl marks.

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