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Ditch The Kitsch: Making The Most Of A 70s Style Kitchen

Cooking is a task which is often driven by equal parts necessity and inspiration. If you’re the owner of a cooking space which is more kitsch-en than the kitchen, the task of finding inspiration in a space which doesn’t excite or entice you can be hard.

The following few tips are designed to help you to make the most out of your 70’s space and put the joy back into your culinary endeavors.

Work It Out

One of the hardest parts of letting go of a dated kitchen is planning the use of the space. For many people, the 70’s design style utilized space in a different way to more modern homes, meaning that the pictures or huge, open-plan kitchens might not be suitable for these retro spaces (without significant structural upending).
70s Style Kitchen utilized space

Another way to recreate your kitchen is by using the bones and structure of what you have to create a ‘wishlist’. List the likes and dislikes of your current space (include issues such as layout, storage, prep space and so on) and work with a professional to see how your kitchen can be really transformed to reflect this list. By choosing a reputable, registered professional specializing in kitchen designs in Melbourne, you can be assured that you’re receiving quality, local, and accredited advice.

What’s Old Is New Again

Surfaces. Textures. Colors. Aesthetic preferences regarding designs tend to occur in cyclic patterns where what’s old is now new (and hip) again.

Design in the past decade has largely focused on Scandinavian minimalism and mid-century modernism, combining the two through the use of elegant Danish design and a neutral color palette. This influence has started to wear away as a focus on the flair and more maximal style of the the 1970s is being brought to the fore again – a most fortunate occurrence for anyone with a kitchen older than The Brady Bunch.
Old Is New Again
To bring your 70’s masterpiece to life in a more modern way, utilize another of the most favored home furnishing trends of the 70’s – indoor plants. These bring a pop of freshness and color into your kitchen, while also creating a welcome frame for your kitchen which says ‘this is intentionally retro’ rather than ‘I can’t afford the kitchen I really want’.

The Devil In The Details

If you can’t afford to renovate (or if you’re renting) then you may be encouraged to work with (and not around) what you already have. Fortunately (and as mentioned in the previous paragraphs), home design trends which first surfaced in the 70’s are having a revival.
70s Style Kitchen neutral hardwood
If you’re the lucky owner of a kitchen with dated wood paneling, it can be easily replaced (and modernised) by selecting a neutral hardwood. Wooden (or tiled) countertops can also be updated with more classic tiles, without the need for a complete (and costly) kitchen overhaul.

Working with the existing color palette, try to find small details or accessories which will highlight the unique nature of your retro space. Colored glass, macrame, cane – all are having a revival and can be easily incorporated into your kitchen at a fraction of the price of a renovation.

Season’s Eatings

One of the benefits of having a kitschy kitchen is that it can encourage unique and fun events – such as the seasonal eating of gloriously retro items such as fondue. A 70s style kitchen allows you to un-ironically recreate the atmosphere and excitement of something as simple and enjoyable as hot, gooey cheese on miniature forks, without the need for modernizing or reinterpreting.

If the notion of cheesy, good times is your thing, why not use the space to host a special occasion with a 70’s theme? For full marks, including food items such as salad (in aspic) and cobb loaf stuffed with French onion dip (key party optional!)

If you’re in a position to renovate your kitchen, it’s important to understand any structural or regulatory limitations you may face before proceeding with any updates. For those who are looking for less permanent ways to put the groove back into their kitchen moves – look on the bright side. There’s never been a better time to channel the 70’s in your home.

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