The Furnishing Flow – Creating a Cohesive Home Style Through Tiny Tweaks

Whether you have just read a book on Feng Shui or you’ve noticed a clash of styles throughout your home, making changes to create a more balanced flow can really change the way you see your house. But those changes don’t have to be major, and you certainly don’t have to go as far as replacing furniture or carpets. Instead, consider making tiny tweaks to create a more cohesive style in your home. If you’re not sure how then follow these simple tips.

Fitting in

Changing something as simple as your window fittings can have a significant impact on the style of your home. As an example, if your home has a bright and airy style to it then perhaps sheer curtains would offer more cohesion versus dark draping curtains.
Home window Style

A tiny tweak, such as replacing curtains, or adding a sheer layer to your existing curtains, is something you can easily do yourself as well. This will help keep the costs of your changes down, but will also add a lot to the overall feel of your home.

Green thumb

Another simple change that can drastically change the style of your home is plants and flowers. If you have an earthy or urban style, try adding some greenery to your home and watch the cohesion and flow improve immediately. Plants are a fantastic way to increase oxygen flow, but they also offer a point of difference to a room.
Home Plant Style
Guest’s eyes are immediately drawn to a gorgeous fern or a vase full of vibrant natives which can change the look and feel of a room almost instantly. Plants are a great way to add color to your home as well. If you find your style lacking a little splash of color then consider adding a few pots around the house.


One of the last things you think of when you walk into a room is the lighting. But another great tweak which can improve the cohesive style of your home is to ensure lighting is the same throughout.
Home Lighting Style
If you prefer a warm white or similar lighting option, make sure the bulbs are the same throughout. There is nothing worse than walking from a room with a warm white bulb into a bright white bulb; it instantly seems so much harsher. Another option is also to ensure that the light covers are the same throughout your home. This is a great way to mediate the lighting and also add a degree of style throughout.

Furniture color

Furniture is easily one of the clearest indicators of style in your home, so tweaking the cohesion of that style should include the furniture. Now that doesn’t mean you need to go out and replace all of your furniture.
Home Furniture color Style
Instead, consider the furniture you currently own, and then when you purchase new furniture, side tables or even complimentary pieces, try to purchase the same color. This will help build a level of cohesion as you walk through your home and create a sense of style in your furnishings. This may be difficult at first if you have a mix of furnishings, but by making the choice you are already on the right path.

Creating a sense of cohesive style in your home can seem daunting at first, especially if you aren’t really sure what your style is. But changing styles or create a cohesive style isn’t impossible. Making tiny tweaks can go a long way, whether it is window furnishings, adding some greenery or making sure future furniture purchases follow a style guide. Use these tips to help create a cohesive style in your home furnishings.

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