Discover The 5 Best Types of Carpet for your Home

You may not have realized it before but not all carpets are created equal! In fact, there are many different types of carpet available. It’s important to know what the 5 best types are to ensure you pick the one most suitable for a specific room in your home.

It’s not just the color that matters, you need to consider how often a room is used or walked through. The more it’s used the more durable your carpet will need to be.

You should also note that, because there are so many different types of carpet available, you should always buy carpet flooring from a reputable source.

Let’s take a look at the 5 best types:

1. Wool

Wool is potentially the softest possible carpet and certainly one of the most luxurious ever made. The piles are usually deep and the carpet will be fluffy and warming.

It’s also a natural fiber, a wool carpet is made by weaving fibers together, it’s a specialist skill. Wool is also flame retardant and, if you treat it as soon as you get the carpet, it is good at resisting stains.

You may even be impressed y the huge range of designs available. The detail and color are impressive.


2. Nylon

In contrast, Nylon is a synthetic substance used to create carpets. Surprisingly, nylon is close to wool in terms of performance and comfort.

Nylon comes in a huge range of styles. You can opt for textured, shaggy, loop, or even frieze. All of these can be made from nylon.

You’ll also discover it has excellent soil resistance, is resilient enough that the fibers always bounce back, and it holds its color exceptionally well.

This is a great choice for a high-volume traffic area.

3. Polypropylene

This is another synthetic material. It’s dyed in a special solution that makes the carpet waterproof and stain-resistant. This also prevents the carpet from fading.

However, while it will not lose its color, this type of carpet is less resilient than nylon. It’s advisable to use it in lighter traffic areas or places where the sun enters the house.

4. Polyester

Polyester carpets can provide a luxurious and thick carpet. In fact, although it can’t compete with wool for luxury, it is an excellent choice when considering it is very similar to nylon in style. It can be colored almost any color you wish.

Polyester is also soil resistant and is an excellent choice for bedrooms and playrooms. You’ll find it easy to look after.

Legs of barefoot woman standing on fluffy carpet

5. Triexta

The final type of carpet to consider and a new addition to the market is Triexta. This carpet combines the durability of nylon and polyester, it’s colorfast, durable, resists stains and soil, and it doesn’t fade.

More importantly, it is created from a renewable source and exceptionally soft to touch.

Choosing the best type of carpet is an important decision, you need to consider all the variables before committing t a carpet that will be in place for several years.

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