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Pruning To Promote Strong Branches

Pruning To Promote Strong Branches

It’s funny but in order to get a strong healthy tree, you need to remove some of the branches! This is essential regardless of what type of tree you are dealing with. Pruning ensures the strength of the tree which helps it to whether storms and other disasters.

But there is a knack to pruning in order to get strong branches. Assuming you’re not going to get a professional tree lopping North Shore firm to deal with the tree for you.

Branch Angles

When selecting branches to cut you need to look at those that are close together. When two branches are close together it is not possible for them both to add enough wood to become strong.

One of the branches needs to be removed. You can choose either one but make sure all the remaining branches of your tree have room to grow.


Trunk To Branch Sizing

The larger the branch the greater the strain on the trunk. That means you need to find a balance between strength by size and too big. A good guide is to look at the size of the trunk. Any branch that is more than ½ to ¾ of the trunk’s dimension is going to need to be cut off.

If you leave them in place gravity and a severe storm are likely to snap the branch, damage the tree, and may even cause the trunk to topple.

Center of Gravity

A tree may be a static object but it still needs to maintain a central center of gravity. This is why the branches are roughly symmetrical. When you’re pruning a tree you need to consider the weight of branches on each side and make sure they are balanced.

Removing some is essential to ensure this balance. It can be particularly obvious when a storm has damaged the tree, illustrating the tree is out-of-balance.

Temporary Branches

Any branch that rubs against another will cause issues. As they rub they’ll damage the bark. This leaves it exposed and encourages infection and even the decay of the tree.

Remove all small branches, especially if they rub against other ones. You want to ensure there is plenty of space for every branch to grow without restriction.


Shaping The Tree

There’s a lot to be said for stepping back and looking at the tree. It should have a symmetrical shape, a tree-like look. Look at it periodically as you prune the tree to ensure you’re getting the desired shape. This will help to ensure your tree has balance and strength during storms.

Avoid Stubbing

When you prune a tree it’s tempting to cut the branch back to a stub. However, stubs promote new growth, although the growth is spindly and weak. It will increase the chance of damage during bad weather.

Instead, if you need to remove a branch, take it right back to the main branch or the trunk. This ensures the strength of the tree is preserved and the remaining branches get the nutrients they need.

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