Curb Appeal 101: 6 Tips To Make Your Restaurant More Attractive


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Your restaurant’s exterior is the first thing a person will notice whenever they pass by. One look is all it takes for them to turn away or be your customer.

People often get attracted first to a person’s outside features before they get to know what’s on the inside. It’s pretty much how restaurants work too. If the outside is not attractive, then there’s a high chance they won’t bother stepping in.

So if you want to attract more customers, here are a few tips to have more curb appeal:

1.Clean Your Windows

clean the glass
Having clean windows is an excellent way for passers-by to see the inside of your restaurant. Check out this website Their restaurants have clear windows that help the outsiders look at their interiors clearly .

As a barbecue place, the smell of the food is enough to keep the customers coming, but, they still maintain the cleanliness of their windows. Why? Because appetite and delicious smells are not enough. You have to satisfy the eyes too. The interior design is as important as the outside. If the potential customer likes what they see, they’re more likely to come in and eat.

2.Do Some Landscaping

Do Some Landscaping
Good landscaping always results in an attractive space. Adding plants and shrubs outside your restaurants could add more appeal. It will help liven up the mood of people and maybe consider eating at a place with such a beautiful landscape.

It doesn’t have to be a full garden complete with flowers, trees, fountains, and statues of angels. If you don’t have space, planter boxes by the windows are enough. However, make sure that the kind of plants you choose is in line with the theme of your restaurant.

3.Make Sure Your Signage is Visible

Make Sure Your Signage is Visible
You need a visible sign to catch the attention of potential customers. It has to be big enough that people from across the street can see it. Huge signages can attract people even if they are still far away. If your sign is more visible than your competitor’s, they’ll see you first and would put you on top of the decision-making process.

Huge flashy signs will do great. You can use LED, so it is visible at night. When coming up with the design, make sure that it also adheres to the theme of your restaurant. For printing services, there are many companies that offer great quality prints. Make sure to choose a reliable company to make sure that your sign is printed with the highest quality and can last for a long time. Potential customers that saw your sign from afar might get disappointed when you don’t meet their expectations when they have reached your restaurant.

4.Install Better Lighting

Install Better Lighting
It may not do much during the day, but come night time, and your lighting can significantly affect outsider’s reaction to your restaurant. Keep the outside well-lit. A bright, but not blindingly bright exterior invokes a sense of safety. It’s because they have a clear view of the pathway and dark areas seen as places where terrible things happen.

You can also strategically use lights to highlight other parts of your restaurant. You can shine it on your signages or the menus that you place by the window. You can even try adding strings of light to make your restaurant look magical.

5.Choose the Right Color Scheme

Choose the Right Color Scheme
There’s a psychology behind colors. Certain colors evoke different emotions in people. Have you ever noticed that a lot of restaurants and food brands use the color red? KFC, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s are just some examples. The color red stimulates the appetite. It is a color for energy and passion.

Make sure that you choose the right color scheme when you paint the walls outside your restaurant as well as your signages and other exterior design elements. Some colors will attract customers while some won’t, so choose wisely.

6.Have an Instagram-Worthy Exterior Wall

Have an Instagram-Worthy Exterior Wall
Social media became a huge part of people’s lives. People, especially influencers, intentionally seek out places that they deem Instagrammable. It’s a way of conveying a lifestyle that they want people to associate to them.

A mural, an art installation, or anything creative and pretty that will make an excellent backdrop for their photos is enough reason for people to check out your restaurant. Plus, it’s also free publicity. People like posting and sharing anything that they find awesome and interesting.

People always say that it’s what’s on the inside that matters. But for restaurants, the outside matters just as much as the inside. You need to attract the people outside first before they go in and give your food a try. So, make sure that the exterior of your restaurant looks as good as the food you make.

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