Are Generators Worth It: The Pros And Cons Of Having One At Home


People are now living in a time where electricity is vital in most aspects of their lives. We need power for our homes, hospitals, airports, schools, and many others. However, when storms or hurricanes hit, it can lead to a temporary loss of power. It may only be for a short while, but we have relied on it a lot today, and it could be a major inconvenience if it suddenly stops.

You’ll find some available generators here but before buying one, take a look at the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision.


1.Prevents Food from Spoiling

Prevents Food from Spoiling
Food is one of the necessities of every human being. Families always set aside a huge budget for their groceries. They stock up regularly to make sure that nobody goes hungry, especially when they are not able to go outside during hurricane season.

A lot of that food is stored in the refrigerator to keep them fresh longer. The fridge runs on electricity, and if the power stops, it will no longer work, too. Having an emergency power backup will help maintain the quality of the food, which will keep you and your family filled for at least a few days.

2.Keeps the Temperature Balanced

Any home, office, or building has some heating and ventilation system installed. It is necessary to regulate the temperature during hot or cold weather to help the people stay comfortable.

When the power runs out, so do those systems. If you are in the middle of a storm, you and your family could suffer from the extreme cold all through the night. It’s dangerous for a person to stay cold because it could lead to health issues such as hypothermia. If you have a generator, you can keep the heating system running so everyone can stay warm.

3.No Interruption on Your Entertainment

No Interruption on Your Entertainment
If a storm hits, you will most likely get stuck in your home. You can’t go out because it’s dangerous and all the stores, parks, and food establishments will probably be closed too due to the extreme weather condition.

With the use of generators, you won’t get bored because you can still watch television, play music, and use your gadgets..

4.Prevents Your Basement From Flooding

Prevents Your Basement From Flooding
You use the basement to store a lot of stuff that you don’t use every day. Some people even turn it into second living rooms, entertainment areas, or even an extra bedroom. Since it is below ground level, it has a high chance of getting flooded whenever the weather is wet.

Sump pumps keep your basement from flooding. It runs on electricity so if the power runs out it stops working too. Heavy rains don’t usually cause power blackouts, but a storm could. If you have a generator at home, the sump pump will continue working and still do its job.

5.Avoid Power Surge

Avoid Power Surge
A power surge is when there’s a sudden spike of high voltage electricity in an electric circuit. It usually lasts in a fraction of a second, but can cause significant damage to property. Your electrical outlets could get fried, your appliances could burn, or it could start a fire.

Power surges can happen for different reasons, and it includes power outage. When the power is out, and it suddenly fires back on, it could cause a power surge. Even though the probability is not very high, there is still a possibility of it happening. So, when you suddenly lose power, a generator similar to what you might find at has a transfer switch that prevents it from happening.


1.Health Risk Due to Carbon Monoxide

Health Risk Due to Carbon Monoxide
Generators are also an appliance that releases carbon monoxide when used. Since you don’t use it very often, you might make the mistake of ignoring its potential risk. Carbon monoxide can cause serious harm to your health and could even lead to death.

Since carbon monoxide is an odorless gas, you might not even know it’s there until it’s too late. So, make sure to use a carbon monoxide detector to inspect your generator and other appliances regularly.

2.Needs Regular Maintenance

Needs Regular Maintenance
Even if you don’t use it often, a generator still needs maintenance. Appliances, including generators, can also wear if you don’t use it. You need to run it a few times a year, so the generator continues to run smoothly.

It’s also a way for you to know whether your generator is still working or not. If you find any broken parts, you should have it fixed before a real emergency happens. So, when the power suddenly stops, you can immediately use it without any problems.

3.Can Be Costly

Can Be Costly
There are different kinds of generators you will find. Some are affordable while some are way out of your budget. The prices can range from $120 to $5,000, so consider your budget and expenses before purchasing.

Now that you’ve read the pros and cons, you can now form a decision whether or not to buy a generator. The pros and cons can be interchanged depending on the situation of each person. Location, the frequency of storms, floods, power outages, and other stuff are things you also need to consider. So, before buying a generator, or anything for that matter, it’s always important to research first.

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