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Create the Perfect Listing to Attract the Right Tenants

Create the Perfect Listing to Attract the Right Tenants

Whether you happen to be an experienced landlord or new landlord, when it is time to list your vacancy, you must create an excellent property listing. However, what really grabs a renter’s attention?

Here are 8 tips for creating the perfect listing, which includes some ideas which make a huge difference.

List as Many Details as Possible

The online listing is critical, especially because it is the first time that renters are going to learn about the property. It is your responsibility to convince potential buyers to come check it out. List as many details as you can in order to help them get a better idea of what the property is actually like. Mention amenities, location, accessibility to parking, and other information that may attract them to your property.
List as Many Details as Possible

Avoid Superlatives

Terms like ‘charming or amazing’ do not mean anything in property listings. They are empty words which will not give a renter an idea of what the property is actually like. Try to use more concrete details that help them craft a mental picture.

For instance, the following superlatives often are utilized in listings;however,it is possible to replace them using more concrete phrases.

Poor superlatives Good descriptions
Largest apartment in the building. The apartment contains 500 sq. ft. of space.
Situatedin the most charming neighborhood. The area hosts multiple neighborhood activities all throughout the year.
Has amazing views. It’s possible to see the park lands nearby from your balcony terrace.
Incredible parking facilities. The apartment is available w/ underground attended parking.
Gorgeous decor. This apartment has recently been refurbished and therefore,contains new modern features.

Follow These Pro Photography Secrets

The photographs you display truly will make or break your listing; if you have the budget, consider hiring a professional photographer. Too often listings with substandard pictures set a tone of unprofessionalism that turns off shoppers. Here
are some tips on how professionals shoot rental property:

  • Use a real camera with wide angle lens if one is available. If you are using a mobile phone camera, following these tips will still help you achieve some excellent shots.
  • Use a lotof light. Snap photographs when the sunlight is at its highest and turn on all of the lights in the room. If the room is dark, consider that photo useless.
  • Photograph the property when it is vacant ideally. If this is not possible, clear off surfaces and floors, kitchen counters, dressers.
  • If you are going to talk about something in your advertisement, make sure that it is photographed.
  • Keep away from any mirrors. Picturesappear unprofessional if you are in the photograph.
  • Take the time to edit your photos: brighten dark images, enhance the color, crop out unsightly messes or furniture or bad angles.

Emphasize the Differentiators

Most landlords state that renters “cannot miss” seeing this property, but why? Consider what makes yours so unique. Perhaps it is in an amazing area or features a balcony that has a breathtaking view. Be certainto talk up that particular feature and provide renters a good reason to take a second look.
Emphasize the Differentiators
For instance, here we list a few features the property might feature that you should mention:

  • Original period details like decorations or flooring
  • Plenty of parking for guests and renters
  • Large balconies
  • Ample natural light, extra windows or skylights
  • Massiveor access to additional storage spaces

Be Upfront About Additional Expenses

Depending upon where the property is situated, there might be additional expenses related to moving in. There might be fees to use amenities inside the building, parking fees,tax fees, fees with the rental agency, or deposits that renters must make before moving in.

Make this crystal clear in your listing, in order for renters to be completely aware of what is involved before they sign the agreement.

Show You Are an Excellent Landlord

Renters should know that you are a great landlord so they can trust you. Give them some evidence by providing references from past tenants. Be sure to describe or link to positive reviews if any are published online about your property management services company or apartment building.

Proofread the Listing

It isn’t enough to write your listing you also must ensurethat it does notcontain any errors. Take some time to proofread it. You will be shocked by how many mistakes can get past an initial read. If you aren’t that great at proofreading, have one of your friends take a look. Occasionally a new set of eyes will catch simplistic errors you might’ve missed.

Sample Listing Description

Look at the following sample, in order for you to see what these tips appear like in practice. You can notice the usage of concrete descriptions instead of superlatives:

“The property, located on the bustling and popular Green Street, stands apart from others in that it contains a balcony that offers a breathtaking view of the nearby park. It is a property that is ideal for the person who loves the city life, as it is within walking distance of multiple stores, markets, and bars.
Sample Listing Description
This apartment is also pet friendly;therefore, if you own a dog it is possible to take advantage of the park that is close by on a daily basis.

There is one bath, two bedrooms, and a completely refurbished kitchen/ living room. The building is available with its own laundry room, as well as a parking space for the apartment. A second parking space is available for an extra $100 per month.

Because of the latest refurbishment, the property currently features wooden floors throughout, in addition to recently installed double glazing that keeps noises out of your house at night. It is a place it’s possible to call your own.”

The aforementioned tools and tips are going to help you create the best property listing you can. Really make the property shine and grab the attention of potential renters.I would like to know what else you would do to catch prospective renters’ attention.

Author’s Bio:

Peter Evering, a property management and real estate expert, is the Business Development Manager of Utopia Management.

With a hands-on presence throughout California and Nevada, Utopia Management has been providing professional rental property services since 1994, at some of the lowest rates available.

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