Add Some Autumnal Colour to Your Garden

Now that autumn is here and the leaves are starting to fall, it’s the perfect opportunity to add a little colour to your garden. Autumn is well known for being a season packed full of beautiful colours including reds, browns, oranges and yellows, so it’s only right to inject a little of that colour into your own outdoor space. The following seasonal favourites are the best to add to your garden throughout the autumnal season to add seasonal character to the area.

Bright Bedding

Keeping your bedding bright and beautiful is a great way of ensuring your garden feels warm and welcoming, with an autumnal touch. There are a few particular plants that you can add to your flowerbeds during September and October to bring the colour in an instant, with lots of easy to plant options to choose from too! The most popular autumnal plants for the flowerbeds are Violas, Cyclamen, Pansies and Primulas. Once you’ve chosen the plants to add to your flowerbeds you can get planted in no time and watch your garden become an autumnal haven. Many people worry that the autumn is a bad time for their flowerbeds, however there are lots of things that you can do to maintain your beds and keep them in good condition when the wet and frosty weather arrives, such as introducing winter covers, like the selection available at Two Wests, to your beds during the bad conditions. It’s just as easy to maintain your garden through the autumn winter season, it’s just important to focus on the different essentials that your garden requires.
Bright Bedding

Seasonal Shrubs

By introducing a selection of seasonal shrubs to your garden, you can bring a touch of life to the area and create a space that’s aesthetically pleasing. During the autumn, the soil is still relatively warm and dry, so you can plant certain shrubs such as Hebes and Aucuba to brighten up the area. You’ll also find that these seasonal shrubs are ideal for providing a little shelter for any wildlife that visits your garden through the autumn season, which is great for encouraging them back time and time again.

Low Maintenance Alpines

If you’re looking to add a touch of colour to your garden, without the added time for maintenance then alpines are a great choice for you. With low maintenance alpines including Saxifrgae and Dianthus, you can plant during the autumn and enjoy beautiful blooms throughout the season. These plants are particularly good for enhancing existing areas, creating more of a lively look without having to spend much time on this project at all! There are lots of great things that you can do in the garden that are low maintenance and require less work than others, so there’s no reason to pack up your gardening tools once the sun goes away!

Pretty Pots

Nothing screams autumn more than a selection of stylish plant pots scattered with autumnal seeds planted in them. Ikea stock a great range of outdoor plant pots that are designed to bring an autumnal touch to your garden, due to their colour palettes and designs. You can experiment with your plant pots too, as you can mix and match or scatter them in one area to create a little added style to the area.

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