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When it comes to Modern House, there are some inevitable characteristics to look for. Although every newly built house in most residential areas will be labeled as Modern. Not all can deliver the real sense of modernism from both the interior and exterior parts. Modern house does not simply refer to recently-built or brand new. But it must also provide all the architectural features that you cannot get from any other design. Some people think that modern house is somehow synonymous with smart home; a modern house may feature the convenient of a smart home. But a smart home does not always have to be conveyed in a modern house design. They can be merged, yet not synonymous. Modern house has inescapably essential characteristics as follows.

Construction of Modern House By STUDIO SD

Function-inspired: people build their houses and sprinkle them with personalization in many parts including exterior and interior. In some cases, it means adding plenty of ornamentations. Modern house can be beautiful with plenty of decorative additions indeed, but everything is designed based on functions. Gone are the days when a house is laid out exactly in the same way as the neighbors’ were. Modernist architectures take inspirations from the purpose of the project, not an already established form-factor. The house design is freely drawn with creative ideas.

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Simplicity: in reality, all parts of the house become very simple when they are designed to serve certain functions only. A house, in its essence, is to provide space and shelter for the residents, and therefore it must give enough space for homeowners to be comfortable. A kitchen is for cooking, so it does not need to have unnecessary clutters such as a lot of bulky furniture pieces. The living room is for the family to have time and space of their own with some entertainment, so it should be comforting instead of bewildering.

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Interconnected rooms: one of the most distinguishable characteristics is the way the windows are placed. Many are positioned high on the wall to allow more light without compromising privacy. Interior walls often serve mainly as room dividers instead of as support walls.

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Studio SD, as extensively covered in Houzz, focuses on modern house design that allows for easy maintenance under every budget allowance. Filled with and hired only experienced architectures, Studio SD thrives by highlighting all essential features of modern house and bring them to life in every construction project. Modernity is the purpose, and Studio SD leaves no stone unturned in search for inspiration starting from the hunt for location, materials, colors, room design, furniture pieces, and even lighting. All parts of the construction are handled by specialists who work as a team, eliminating the possibilities of non-uniformity but without time-consuming planning and execution.

Modern House Construction Project

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Modern house modern bedroom

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Modern House living room staircase

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