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Color, color, color. Everything is all about color! At least, that’s the way it seems when you’re decorating your outdoor space. Patios adorned in bright hues, printed cushions, and patterns galore – it can be hard to focus on anything but color. Don’t get us wrong; we do love our color. However, we also know that doesn’t mean we should discount neutrals. In fact, neutrals are what create a cohesive look in your space. Despite what you may think, they look just as great outdoors as they do indoors. Believe it or not, using neutral color cushions for your patio is a great way to add to your patio’s open, airy environment.

When you know the right way to highlight your outdoor space with neutral color cushions and color schemes, you’ll be surprised you didn’t use neutrals sooner!

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Neutral Color Cushions Palette

It’s probably not surprising that neutrals get a bad rep. Many times when blogs or designers talk about the lack of color in a space, adjectives such as “dull” “boring” and “lifeless” get throw around. But, we don’t think that’s fair to neutrals, and they certainly don’t get enough credit. As a general guide, neutrals usually refer to these colors:

As a general guide, neutrals usually refer to these colors: White, Beige, Black, Gray, Taupe.

While neutrals may be underrated, we’re here to tell you otherwise. Many times neutrals serve as a backbone for a space. They create the canvas for the other colors and prints within the space. They make it possible for bold hues and busy patterns to coexist together. Really, without strategic use of neutrals, your color scheme likely falls flat. Plus, if you’ve ever seen a white and black room, you know just how chic those colors are when paired correctly.

This train of thought especially applies to outdoor spaces. Just search Pinterest boards of patio design ideas. You’ll see an array of bold hues and summery prints. It seems like the brighter the cushions, the better.

However, maybe you have a preference for a “toned down” space. You might possibly describe your taste as minimalistic. Perhaps you want a calming outdoor space, and you just can’t see yourself relaxing on orange and turquoise cushions.

If this sounds like you, don’t believe the rumors; you can create a beautiful outdoor space using neutrals!

Highlight How-To

Generally speaking, the term neutral refers to hues without color. However, many times these “colorless” colors do have varying undertones in them. While they might be thought of as boring, that’s not to say they cannot create a wow factor.

In fact, when used correctly, neutrals emphasize your patio, deck, or porch. Naturals help streamline a space, create visual depth, and allow you to control where the eye moves in the space.

While you might have always been told to stay clear away from colorless hues, we’re here to show you it can be done. You just need to know how! Below, we outline how to use neutral color cushions to highlight your outdoor space.

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Vary the shades of your neutral color : The number one mistake that people make when going for a neutral color palette is using the same shade of the neutral of choice. Let’s say your patio has a sofa and several chairs. You want to go with a clean white look. If you use the same white for your cushions as well as the throw pillows, you’ll create a boring palette. To avoid this, and create a streamlined look, select varying shades of white.

For example, for the furniture cushions pick a warm white. However, for the throw pillows and/or throw blanket make sure to use a different white. Instead, opt for cream, ivory, or even beige. This will give the patio an airy, light feeling that’s not boring at all.

These beautiful Cushions will definitely give the awesome feeling when you spend some quality time on this Porch Swing.

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Think of Depth : Another pro tip is to add depth. This will create interest, which is the opposite of bland. Differing texture around and near your cushions will really make them stand out.

Wicker is an easy way to add texture, as many outdoor furniture choices are made of the material. Textured throw pillows will add a pop to any chair, chaise lounge, or sofa. A woven rug is another easy way to add texture.

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Mix & Match : Don’t be afraid to mix and match your neutral colors. The great thing about neutrals is that they go with other neutrals. Black and white is always a winning combination. Beige with splashes of taupe or white also works well and is pleasing to the eye. Beige and navy is a popular combo, while white and gray look great together.

Try to keep your cushions one color and implement the other color(s) through throw pillows, an outdoor rug, furniture color, etc. Varying your use of neutral colors is a fresh take on decorating with an all-neutral palette.

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Use Accessories that Shine : If you want to add interest without distracting the eye from the couch cushions, place glass or metal accessories on the tables near your patio furniture. Glass accessories keep the eye moving along the space, while metals make the cushions look brighter or warmer.

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Pick the Pop of Color Wisely : Even a monochromatic color scheme should have a pop of color somewhere. Green plants look natural in an outdoor setting, and they don’t take away from the cool tones of your neutral color cushions. Beige or white cushions will create clean edges around the space, while the greenery highlights the soft color palette. No matter what you use for your color piece, just be sure it complements the cushions and doesn’t take away from them.

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You’ll want to keep these highlighting tips in mind when you use neutral color cushions to decorate your outdoor space. With Pillow Perfect, your patio’s neutral throw pillows will be anything but boring. With a wide selection of neutral cushions and throw pillows, in both solids and prints, you’ll find the right ones for your outdoor space.

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